Companies in 500 Startups B13 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Alumnify B13 Education Alumnify helps graduates build stronger alumni connections, establish new university communities, and create new job opportunities. .
Cellbreaker B13 Services Easily switch cell phone carriers without paying the early termination fee. .
ChattingCat B13 Education ChattingCat is an online application that enables users to get their English writing checked by native speakers in real time. .
Clowder B13 Services The perfect cup on your doorstep in 15 minutes. .
Coach Market B13 Education On demand career coaching marketplace. We empower everyone to take control of their careers. .
CoContest B13 Services CoContest offers an online crowdsourcing platform that enables individuals to outsource interior design activities. .
Crowdplat B13 Services CrowdPlat connects mid-size and enterprise customers to freelance teams .
Edools B13 Dev Tools Edools offers a SaaS-based app that enables companies to create customizable, modular EAD environments for their education-based businesses. .
EnvoyNow B13 Services EnvoyNow is an on-demand food delivery startup capitalizing on the neglected college market. .
Glambot B13 eCommerce Glambot was founded by a tried-and-true makeup-loving hoarder. .
GlamSt B13 eCommerce We develop Augmented Reality for beauty brands and retailers . Exited
Hazel Lane B13 eCommerce .
Kollecto B13 eCommerce Find your next favorite artist. Discover new artworks every week. Curate and share artwork you love. .
Linguatrip B13 Education LinguaTrip Book language courses and student accommodation worldwide. .
Pixc B13 Services Pixc helps online stores increase their sales with better product images. .
Publishizer B13 Services Publishizer is a crowd-publishing platform that connects authors directly with readers and publishers through pre-orders. .
ResultsOnAir B13 AI and ML Predictive TV analytics, think of Mixpanel for TV advertisers. .
RingCaptcha B13 Dev Tools RingCaptcha provides SMS and voice verification services, as well as SMS traffic analytics, monitoring and anti-fraud protection. .
Virect B13 Services Marketplace for video production .
Volara B13 AI and ML SABR monitors multiple blockchains to identify and locate criminal activity. .