Companies in 500 Startups B16 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Ader B16 Marketing and Sales Tools Ader helps brands sponsor eSports Influencers on Twitch. .
Albert B16 Fintech .
Ample B16 eCommerce Ample Foods creates optimally nutritious meals in bottles. .
Arka B16 Enterprise .
ArrowPass B16 Hardware ArrowPass is an NFC-based secure gate control and cashless closed-loop payment solution for events. .
Bglamor B16 eCommerce Bglamor is the global shopping platform for buying popular products for women. .
Bigfinite B16 Hardware Providing simple solutions to complex needs in biotech and pharma. .
BottlesTonight B16 Services A mobile application for same-day bottle service booking at top nightclubs and lounges with bottles up to 70% off regular menu prices. .
BrewPublik B16 eCommerce .
Buildcon B16 Enterprise Mobile and web platform for construction project management and collaboration .
Cognuse B16 Hardware Cognuse enables continuum of care for neurological and cardio respiratory conditions. .
Easy Ten B16 Education Простое приложение для эффективного изучения английского языка! .
Ethic B16 Fintech .
Faception B16 AI and ML Faception is a facial personality profiling company. .
Float B16 Fintech .
FoxType B16 AI and ML FoxType offers a free Gmail plugin that helps you write in a more polite, friendly tone. .
HandStack B16 Marketing and Sales Tools HandStack is a company that helps build powerful movements by making it easier and faster to engage community and accomplish goals. .
iBillionaire B16 Fintech iBillionaire provides access to the investment data and strategies of the worldwide billionaires. .
iGrow B16 Fintech iGrow is a scalable organic farm that is funded by urban people from around the world. .
Indemand B16 Enterprise Indemand is a white-label software solution enabling grocers and supermarkets to sell online and offer home delivery to their customers. With our end to end system, consumers can discover products on both mobile and web and get it delivered to them ... .
Ingu Solutions B16 Hardware .
MaestroConference B16 Social and Collaboration MaestroConference is the leader in Social Conferencing™, a technology that allows people to participate in large-scale events. .
ManyChat B16 Social and Collaboration ManyChat helps businesses do marketing, sales and support through Facebook Messenger. .
Mentimeter B16 Social and Collaboration An interactive presentation software. Mentimeter make presentations, events and classrooms interactive and fun .
M-vendr B16 Fintech Prepaid digital product and financial services distribution solutions .
Neutun B16 Hardware Neutun is novel tracking software for epileptics through smartwatches and wearables. .
nurseVersity B16 Education nurseVersity is an exam prep platform that offers adaptive learning material for nursing students. .
OpenSponsorship B16 Marketing and Sales Tools OpenSponsorship is online platform solely focused on allowing brands to Search, Connect and Sponsor opportunities within professional sports .
Phenom B16 eCommerce The digital identity for every young athlete in the world. .
Pilotly B16 AI and ML Watch pilot TV shows and let Hollywood know what you think. Help shape the TV, Power to the Viewer! .
Podozi B16 eCommerce Podozi is a beauty tech startup solving the problem of finding "right fit" beauty products for people of color. .
Qualio B16 Enterprise SaaS quality management platform for the global life sciences industry .
Qwil B16 Fintech Qwil - Instant Pay for Independent Contractors .
RapidAPI B16 Dev Tools RapidAPI is the world’s largest API marketplace. .
Resource B16 HR and Recruiting .
Riide B16 Hardware Riide provides consumers with subscription-based electric bike ownership. .
Rize B16 Fintech .
Tackl B16 Education Tackl is a smart university recruiting platform connecting students and new graduates with employers for exciting career opportunities. .
tagMonkey B16 Hardware .
Ticktate B16 Services Ticktate lets music fans avoid high service fees on concert tickets by sourcing directly from the venues. .
Transtutors B16 Education Transtutors is an education portal offering online tutors to help users with their assignments in various subjects. .
Upcraft Club B16 eCommerce Leading global source of digital hobby patterns .
WorkAmerica B16 HR and Recruiting Recruiting marketplace for job seekers and employers in the skilled trades with quality assurance. .
WorkGenius B16 Enterprise Scheduling and support platform for hourly workers. . Dead
Worthix B16 Marketing and Sales Tools The First Customer Experience Survey Built with Artificial Intelligence .
Yoderm B16 Healthcare YoDerm is a web platform that connects patients with dermatologists, on-demand. .
YouStake B16 Fintech Marketplace for Fans to Invest in their Favorite Players .