Companies in 500 Startups B2 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
9GAG B2 Content 9GAG.TV is a website that features user-generated videos under various categories. .
BugHerd B2 Dev Tools Bug tracking so simple, it's like sticky-notes for your website. Free trial, get started today. .
Kibin B2 Services Inspiring Better Writing. Starting with Students .
LaunchRock B2 Dev Tools LaunchRock is an online platform that enables its users to create viral "Launching Soon" pages with built in sharing tools and analytics. . Exited
Pic Collage B2 Content Cardinal Blue Software offers an app that allows users to create and share free-form collages made by images, text and stickers. .
SearchMan B2 Dev Tools SearchMan is an SEO tool for iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile app developers. .
Storytree B2 Services .
Tinfoil Security B2 Dev Tools Tinfoil provides software for scanning websites to detect vulnerabilities, and offers solutions to address them. .
ToutApp B2 Marketing and Sales Tools ToutApp helps organizations transform their sales teams into revenue generating machines. . Exited
Vayable B2 Travel Tech Vayable is an online marketplace enabling people to discover, buy and sell unique travel experiences, activities and extended trips. .
Vidcaster B2 Dev Tools Vidlet is a new app that wants to democratize ethnographic research by using a smartphone's camera. .
Welcu B2 Enterprise Welcu develops tools to allow customers to organize events such as selling tickets and sending invitations. .
WePow B2 HR and Recruiting Wepow’s video interviewing & engagement platform helps organizations reduce the time & cost of screening and hiring quality talent at scale. .
WillCall B2 Services WillCall is a music discovery and ticketing application that allows users to reserve and book tickets for music events held in U.S. cities. .