Companies in 500 Startups B3 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
Boatbound B3 Services Boatbound is a fully insured “pier-to-pier” marketplace for boat rentals in the U.S. .
BrightNest B3 Real Estate and Retail BrightNest provides homeowners with tips and tools to shape up their homes. . Exited
Conta Azul B3 Enterprise ContaAzul is a Brazilian easy-to-use online platform for small businesses, helping organizing financial routines in one place .
Contactually B3 Marketing and Sales Tools Contactually is a relationship marketing platform that helps companies and individuals keep and generate business from their network. .
eSpark B3 Education ESpark is a technology-based learning solution that offers educational apps for iPads. .
Farmeron B3 AI and ML A cloud-based dairy herd & farm business management software - allowing producers across the world to become the very best. . Exited
FileBoard B3 Marketing and Sales Tools Fileboard helps manage and optimize communication and delivery of sales collateral— 1. Teams using Fileboard save several hours a week 2. .
Fitocracy B3 Healthcare Fitocracy is an online fitness community offering games and social networking tools that help members improve their fitness. .
FlyData B3 AI and ML FlyData automatically loads your data to Amazon Redshift continuously and securely in a matter of minutes. .
Forrst B3 Other .
Import2 B3 Dev Tools is a easy-to-use online data import service that helps you to transfer business or personal data between cloud apps. .
Intercom B3 Dev Tools Intercom Communications is a company that provides communication products for businesses. .
LoveWithFood B3 eCommerce Love With Food is a marketing and market research platform for CPG food brands. . Exited
MeMeTales B3 Education Memetales is a picture book platform for kids that enables publishers to easily add their books into mobile devices. .
Pay By Group B3 Fintech Pay By Group is an checkout option on travel and retail e-commerce sites that lets friends and families split the cost and pay together. .
SafeShepherd B3 Social and Collaboration Safe Shepherd is a privacy web service to remove records that violate its users’ privacy on internet and remove access ‘Data Brokers’. .
Shoppable B3 Fintech Shoppable® is the leader in universal checkout technology and distributed commerce solutions for advertisers, publishers, and merchants. .
Soldsie B3 eCommerce Soldsie is a social commerce platform that allows customers to purchase products through comments on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. .
Spinnakr B3 AI and ML Spinnakr enables users to group their online visitors into audiences that they can reach with simple, targeted messages. .
Talkdesk B3 Dev Tools Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform empowers companies to make customer experience a competitive advantage. .
Tiny Post B3 Marketing and Sales Tools Tiny Post allows users to easily add text to images, link them to certain locations, and share them on various social networks. . Exited
WeddingLovely B3 Services WeddingLovely is a collection of wedding tools and directories for promoting small business, local and independent wedding vendors. .