Companies in 500 Startups B4 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
ActivityHero B4 Education Marketplace to find and book kids camps and classes .
Bluefields B4 Social and Collaboration The platform for the world's sports .
Bombfell B4 eCommerce Bombfell is an online clothing retail store providing personalized clothes for men. .
Chalkable B4 Education Chalkable is an app store and platform enabling schools to provide a better learning experience. . Exited
HappyCo B4 Enterprise HappyCo is taking traditional paper based processes out of the dark ages. .
Ingresse B4 eCommerce Ingresse is a social ticketing company that enables people to discover the latest concerts, nightclubs, parties, and theater plays. .
Sqoot B4 Dev Tools Sqoot is a social platform help developers make money on local distribution. . Exited
TeliportMe B4 Travel Tech Social Network for Immersive experiences. .
Tie Society B4 eCommerce When you need to look good, we ensure you look your best. Choose the ties and accessories you want. Wear them for as long as you'd like. .
Timbuktu B4 Hardware Timbuktu Labs develops an educational application that enables children to play games, read news, and view beautiful pictures. .
Tokyo Otaku Mode B4 Social and Collaboration Tokyo Otaku Mode delivers the latest news on Japanese anime, manga, games, and more through its Facebook page. .
Toshl B4 Fintech Toshl helps you keep your finances in shape. .
TuckerNuck B4 eCommerce Tuckernuck is an online boutique that puts a fresh spin on classic American style. .
UmbaBox B4 eCommerce Umba is a social-selling platform for handmade goods. .
Wanderable B4 Travel Tech Wanderable is an online platform that enables couples to fund and arrange honeymoon trips. .