Companies in 500 Startups B5 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
BabyList B5 eCommerce .
Chewse B5 Services Chewse is a platform that allows companies to handle their food catering and workplace culture needs. .
CinemaCraft B5 Content Cinemacraft is an Interactive media monetization platform. We enable Brands, publishers to deliver context driven engagement on videos & photo. .
Compstak B5 Real Estate and Retail CompStak employs a crowdsourced model to gather commercial real estate information for investors, brokers, asset managers and appraisers. .
Cuponomia B5 eCommerce Cuponomia is a search portal that enables its users to find online coupon and promotional codes for major Brazilian eCommerce sites. .
Dealflicks B5 eCommerce Dealflicks provides movie tickets and concessions for discounted prices, helping theaters fill their empty seats. .
EverBill B5 Enterprise everbill, a SaaS-based application, helps startups and SMEs create invoices and estimates, and share them with customers and suppliers. .
Femeninas B5 Content is a fashion brand and social engagement platform for designers and brands to interact with the community. .
GazeMetrix B5 Dev Tools Gazemetrix offers brands insight into when and where their brand was photographed across social media in real time. . Exited
Hunie B5 Social and Collaboration Hunie is an invite-only community for designers to collaborate by giving each other constructive critiques that help improve their work. . Dead
Iconfinder B5 Services Iconfinder is a search engine and marketplace for icons for web developers. .
iDreamBooks B5 Content Book discovery tool with a rating and recommendation system .
Instamojo B5 Fintech India's largest on-demand payments platform for SMEs .
Markerly B5 Marketing and Sales Tools Markerly is a technology company specializing in influencer identification and tracking. .
Pal+ B5 Social and Collaboration 多種媒體的論壇交友平台,就在Pal+! 生活處處值得回憶,想和志同道合的朋友分享新鮮事嗎?多種編輯媒體舉凡錄影、錄音、圖片、貼紙、手繪圖鴉等,讓你盡情表達暢所欲言!找到志趣相投的朋友就從Pal+開始! 強打功能: ● 豐富的文章內容 ● 熱門文章主動推薦 ● 編輯文章可以分次上傳 ● 可以使用多種媒體內容於張貼的文章裡 ● 有機會與志同道合的人成為好友 ● 即時一對一及多人聊天 .
Pick1 B5 Marketing and Sales Tools Pick1 offers a survey and marketing intelligence suite to deliver actionable data for businesses. . Exited
Privy B5 Marketing and Sales Tools Privy's email list growth platform enables retail marketers to rapidly grow their lists and track online or offline sales. .
Tealet B5 eCommerce Online Farmer's Market for Tea on Bitcoin .
TouristEye B5 Travel Tech TouristEye is a mobile application that enables users to collect destinations and activities to plan their trips and weekend getaways. . Exited
TradeBriefs B5 Content TradeBriefs, backed by 500 Startups in Silicon Valley , is an online media company and premium B2B publisher with 10,00,000+ subscribers in .
Traity B5 Dev Tools Traity aims to create a world where we can trust one another, building a reputation standard. .
WalletKit B5 Fintech WalletKit is a SaaS-based platform enabling businesses to design and deliver digital passes and tickets to mobile wallets. . Dead
Waygo B5 Travel Tech Waygo Visual Translator is a mobile app that instantly translates Chinese texts to English without the need of an internet connection. .
WhoAPI B5 Dev Tools WhoAPI is an API service for mass requests of domain information like domain registration availability and structured whois data in JSON. .
Wideo B5 Content Provides a simple and intuitive tool that enables people without previous knowledge or training to create quality online videos. .
Winc B5 eCommerce .