Companies in 500 Startups B5 MX Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
BioFab B5 MX Hardware BioFab is a biotechnology company that provides printing services prosthesis, tissues, and organs. .
Cursostotales B5 MX Marketing and Sales Tools Encuentra en Cursostotales la oferta educativa profesional y personal. Información de diplomados, maestrías, doctorados, mba, carreras pregrado, cursos in-house. Presenciales, a distancia o virtuales. .
Exploiter B5 MX Education They have an entire ecosystem for you to become a professional security computer completely from scratch .
Lamusiquita B5 MX Education The best way to learn music, online .
Ropanroll B5 MX eCommerce The first company in the region to help you renew the closet of your children smarter, faster and easier. .