Companies in 500 Startups B6 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
AppSocially B6 Dev Tools AppSocially provides an API for mobile apps to integrate customer-acquisition functions into it, and keep track of customer viral metrics. .
Boxc B6 Enterprise .
Dakwak B6 Travel Tech Dakwak offers a website translation and localization platform for small and medium-sized businesses. .
Dropifi B6 Marketing and Sales Tools Dropifi provides a customized smart widget that allows companies to analyze, discover and re-channel messages. . Dead
Floqq B6 Education Floqq is the biggest marketplace for online video courses in Latin America .
Flyer B6 Real Estate and Retail The future of real estate marketing .
Geekatoo B6 Services Geekatoo offers at-home tech support services such as computer repair, virus removal, camera and printer repair and building websites. . Exited
InstaGIS B6 AI and ML InstaGIS (500 Startups β€˜13) equips local gov with data-driven tools to understand citizens and drive meaningful, proactive engagement. .
KiteReaders B6 Education KiteReaders is the platform for publishers. .
Koemei B6 Enterprise Koemei is a 500Startups backed company that builds video search-as-a-service for website and apps, accessible through API and embed codes. . Exited
LE TOTE B6 eCommerce Le Tote is an online fashion subscription service, delivering rental fashion directly to women’s doors. .
Mayvenn B6 Services Mayvenn enables Stylists to sell products directly to their clients without the upfront costs and burdens of holding inventory. .
NativeAd B6 Marketing and Sales Tools NativeAD is a digital marketing agency specializing in editorial media and ad networks. .
Pocket Supernova B6 Content Pocket Supernova develops video-messaging and other mobile applications. .
PriceBaba B6 Real Estate and Retail PriceBaba is a product research platform providing retailers with information on the buying behavior of Indian consumers. . Exited
Reesio B6 Real Estate and Retail Reesio is an online real estate transaction management solution providing up-to-the-minute residential property data. . Exited
SchoolAdmissions B6 Education 2018-2019 Nursery Admissions Dates in Delhi Schools,Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad- Admission Forms, KG, Guidelines, Age, Points .
Siftery B6 Enterprise Credii is a web platform for businesses to find, select and buy the right software and services for their needs. .
Sverve B6 Marketing and Sales Tools Sverve is a social media influencer marketing platform. . Exited
Tamatem B6 Content Tamatem is a mobile games publisher in the Arabic speaking market. .
TRDATA B6 Fintech TRDATA is a communication platform for financial professionals providing free access to real-time market data on Emerging Markets .
Whill B6 Hardware WHILL designs and creates personal mobility products. .
WooMoo B6 Enterprise POPAPP is an app that transforms sketches into click-through prototypes. . Exited