Companies in 500 Startups B8 Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
BidAway B8 eCommerce BidAway allows its users to bid for unique experiences in real-time online auctions and raffles for unique experiences with celebrities. .
CultureAlley B8 Education CultureAlley offers self-paced audio-visual lessons and interactive practice exercises online. .
Doz B8 Marketing and Sales Tools Crowdsourcing + Performance e-makerting .
Enchanted Diamonds B8 eCommerce Enchanted Diamonds is an e-commerce platform that offers personalized engagement rings for customers. .
Equipboard B8 eCommerce Equipboard is building the world’s largest database of artists and the gear they use. .
Famebit B8 Marketing and Sales Tools Fame Bit is a YouTube marketing platform where brands collaborate with YouTube influencers and create videos. . Exited
Guidekick B8 Travel Tech Guidekick is a mobile app that brings to life top travel destinations with interactive 3D maps, music, and compelling narrative. .
Holidog B8 Services Find the perfect pet sitter to take care of your dogs and cats while you are away. .
I3zif B8 Education في موقع إعزف نقوم بتعليم عزف الآلات الموسيقية من خلال فيديوهات عالية الجودة تتضمن مساعدات بصرية و كاميرات متعددة تسهل عملية تعليم الآلات المختلفة مثل العود و الجيتار و البيانو و الناي و القانون و الكمنجة و الطبلة و الغناء و تعليم عزف الأغاني المعروفة و... .
Já Entendi B8 Education Já Entendi offers a methodology capable of turning any training content such as books, manuals, and handouts into video lessons. .
MyDoorman B8 Enterprise Doorman provides package delivery, return pickup, and fulfillment services for online retailers and their customers. .
Ohmconnect B8 Enterprise Our electricity grid operates under the antiquated assumption that the only thing that can change is turning on and off power plants. .
Pijon B8 Marketing and Sales Tools Pijon is a NYC-based technology company that specializes in sending college students monthly care packages filled with awesome products .
PredictionIO B8 AI and ML Open source machine learning server . Exited
Raisy B8 Marketing and Sales Tools Raisy is bringing school fundraisers into the 21st Century. .
Remark B8 Social and Collaboration Remark is an online collaboration tool that enables inviduals to play, annotate, review, and approve videos. .
Roam and Wander B8 Hardware R+W is a software creation studio. .
ShareRoot B8 Marketing and Sales Tools SaaS platform to help brands grow authentic, unparalleled connections through visual content marketing .
Shippo B8 Enterprise Shippo helps businesses navigate the complexities of shipping .
SoundBetter B8 Services Marketplace for music production .
Unwind Me B8 Services Unwind Me is a website that provides massaging and wellness services. . Exited
Whale Path B8 AI and ML Crowdsourced Market Intelligence Platform to Obtain Customized Market Research .
Wuzzuf B8 HR and Recruiting Wuzzuf is an online marketplace that connects jobseekers with employers in Egypt. .