Companies in 500 Startups Seed Batch

Name Batch Category Description Status
15Five Seed HR and Recruiting 15Five develops cloud-based software designed to help employees grow and develop. .
247 Techies Seed Services 24/7 Techies is a technical support company providing remote technology support to the global micro SMB sector. .
37Coins Seed Fintech We are committed to making bitcoin easy, secure to use, and accessible to everyone. .
42 Seed AI and ML 42 Technologies is a modern data analytics and reporting platform for retailers. .
42 Floors Seed Real Estate and Retail 42Floors makes it easy to search for office space. .
8sec Seed Content 8sec is a casual gaming platform . Seed Real Estate and Retail is a map-based property search engine that provides renters, buyers, and agents fast and efficient property search experience. .
Adphorus Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Give wings to your travel ads on Facebook & Instagram. . Seed Marketing and Sales Tools AdStage is an advertising technology startup powering paid marketers to understand the business impact of their campaigns. .
Affinity China Seed Travel Tech Affinity China is a Chinese private social network providing its members with exclusive luxury lifestyle and travel opportunities. .
Aircall Seed Dev Tools Aircall is an advanced call center software, complete business phone and contact center 100% natively integrated in any CRM. .
Airpair Seed Services AirPair is a consultation development company that provides development resources and helps businesses finish projects. .
AirPR Seed AI and ML AirPR is the data science company for communications and PR. .
AirSeed Seed AI and ML Personalized travel offers & insights on autopilot .
Airsorted Seed Real Estate and Retail Airsorted is an Airbnb management company that increases yields and handles everything, including key exchanges, laundry, and more. .
Aksel Group Seed eCommerce Aksel Group offers direct-to-customer apparel and accessories for men, and donates a school uniform to a child in need for every shirt sold. .
Algolia Seed Dev Tools Algolia's hosted search API helps product builders create lightning-fast, highly relevant search to connect their users with what matters. .
Allay Seed HR and Recruiting Allay, a better way to deal with HR admin and employee benefits. .
All Trails Seed Travel Tech AllTrails is a community of 9 million hikers, campers and mountain bikers who share a passion about the outdoors. .
Alodokter Seed Healthcare is a leading health portal in Indonesia providing high quality content and interaction with qualified Indonesian doctors .
Alpha Apps Seed Education Alpha Apps are a leading social and mobile app agency in the Middle East. They create value for clients and end user. .
AlphaFlow Seed Fintech AlphaFlow is a California registered investment adviser. .
Alpharank Seed AI and ML API's to turn payment data into human influence graphs. .
Amicus Seed Fintech Amicus allows non-profit organizations to turn their supporters into advocates and fundraisers. .
Andy OS Seed Dev Tools An Android operating system for PC and Cloud .
Animoca Brands Seed Content Animoca Brands develops and publishes great mobile games based on globally loved popular brands like Garfield, Doraemon etc. .
Anyroad Seed Travel Tech .
API Fortress Seed Dev Tools An API testing suite as a platform. Functional testing, automation, mocking, and load testing in one secure collaborate platform. .
Apptopia Seed AI and ML Apptopia provides services in app analytics, data mining, and business intelligence for the mobile industry. .
Arcturus BioCloud Seed Healthcare Virtual bio-foundry for rapid prototyping microorganisms using genetic engineering. .
Artiphon Seed Hardware Play any musical instrument on a single device. .
Artivest Seed Fintech Artivest connects a wider audience of suitable investors with investment opportunities in top-quality private equity. .
Astronomer Seed AI and ML Astronomer is a data workflow platform built around Apache Airflow. .
Attendant Seed Services .
Audiodraft Seed Services Audiodraft helps companies outsource their music and audio production to a global community of sound designers and music composers. .
AuditFile Seed Enterprise offers cloud-based auditing solutions for CPA firms. .
AutoFi Seed Fintech AutoFi is a point of sale solution for financing a vehicle online .
Avegant Seed Hardware Avegant is developing next-generation display technology to enable previously impossible augmented reality experiences. .
Babelverse Seed Travel Tech Enabling intercultural communication and always pushing for language diversity. Be part of it. Video presentation: .
Backtype Seed Marketing and Sales Tools BackType is a marketing intelligence platform that helps brands and agencies understand the business impact of social media. .
Backyard Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Backyard is a SaaS provider delivering video marketing and advertising solutions that connect local businesses with customers. .
Bankons Seed Fintech Bankons is a B2B service that enables financial institutions to create a mass of local offers and increase their mobile engagement. .
BarkBox Seed eCommerce Barkbox is a subscription-based e-commerce and content company for dog lovers. .
Beam Seed Fintech Together, We Change Banking .
Beeline Bikes Seed Services The Mobile Bike Shop Franchise - Expanding Nationwide .
Behance Seed Services Behance is an online platform that enables creative professionals to showcase and discover creative work via online portfolios. .
Bespoke Post Seed eCommerce Bespoke Post offers themed boxes full of gears for men, plus a full shop of uniquely cool standalone products. .
Besuccess Seed Content beSUCCESS is a tech and media channel for Korean-based startups. .
BetterDoctor Seed Healthcare BetterDoctor, a technology company, delivers provider directory data and has a database that can be accessed through a responsive API. .
Betterworks Seed Enterprise Betterworks® aligns, develops and activates your workforce for business growth with Continuous Performance Management® programs. .
Between Seed Social and Collaboration Between provides emotional communication methods to enrich real and offline-based relationships. .
Billowby Seed eCommerce Billowby is an online Headshop selling pipes, vapes, bongs, and more. .
Billplz Seed Fintech Billplz - Fair payment software. .
Binu Seed Social and Collaboration .
BioBots Seed Hardware .
Bizeebee Seed Enterprise BizeeBee is a membership management platform enabling entrepreneurs to track revenue and attendance, manage member relationships, and more. .
Blink Booking Seed Travel Tech Blink Booking is an app that helps travellers in Europe book hotels at the last minute by providing a daily selection of four hotels. .
BlockCypher Seed Dev Tools BlockCypher is a cloud-optimized platform powering blockchain applications reliably and at-scale. .
BlueLeaf Seed Fintech meets for Wealth Managers .
Book. Stay. Go. Seed Travel Tech Like this page for great hotel deals and download Book. Stay. Go. to skip the front desk and use your phone as a room key #travelmore .
Boomerang Seed Enterprise Baydin .
BoomTrain Seed Dev Tools An AI-powered marketing platform that drives relevant interactions with users at every touchpoint, increasing engagement, retention, & LTV .
Boostable Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Boostable provides a cooperative digital advertising solution that enables ecommerce businesses to offer digital advertising as a service. .
Boost Media Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Boost Media is a startup that uses crowdsourcing and split testing to help businesses find effective words and images for their online ads. .
Boxbee Seed Enterprise Boxbee pioneered On-Demand Storage in NYC and SF and was acquired in 2016. Our software now powers self-storage companies around the world. .
Brainient Seed Dev Tools outstreams video advertising and the leading native video advertising marketplace. .
Breaker Seed Content Breaker is Japan's global digital studio .
Breather Seed Real Estate and Retail Breather is an app and the leading provider of space-as-a-service, with a growing network of private workspaces built for productivity. .
BridgeUS Seed Travel Tech Using technology to help every immigrant get access to quality legal services. Working on the Immigration Genome Project and helping thousands get legal help. .
Bridg Payment Solutions Seed Fintech An advanced consumer-to-merchant smartphone payment platform harnessing the power of bluetooth .
Brilliant Seed Education Brilliant is a high-quality free online mathematics and science problem solving website for high aptitude students around the world. .
Briskio Seed Marketing and Sales Tools builds tools for sales organizations to minimize reporting effort and maximize data quality and efficiency. .
Brushback Seed Content Free Instant 24/7 Access to the Latest Baseball Trade Rumors. Brushback is the number one app for instant access to all the latest MLB trade rumors. .
Bucket Seed Travel Tech Travel Startup. .
Bukalapak Seed eCommerce Bukalapak is an e-commerce company that sells a diverse range of products. .
Burner Seed Social and Collaboration Burner is a mobile application and service that enables users to obtain temporary, disposable numbers for voice and SMS communication. .
Bustle Seed Content Bustle Digital Group is a news, entertainment, lifestyle and fashion website that caters to women. .
Cambrian Genomics Seed Hardware Cambrian Genomics is a biotechnology company which uses a novel, laser based technique to synthesize DNA. .
Canva Seed Content Canva facilitates graphic design by providing a drag-and-drop design tool and a library of stock photographs, graphic elements, and fonts. .
Caplinked Seed Enterprise CapLinked offers a cloud-based platform for coordinating on asset sales, financings, mergers and acquisitions with secure workspaces. .
Carbon Health Seed Healthcare Carbon Health builds the worlds smartest healthcare network that makes comprehensive care available for all. .
Cardmunch Seed Marketing and Sales Tools CardMunch is a mobile business card transcription service that captures business cards and creates contacts in user’s phone. .
Caredox Seed Education CareDox delivers free health technology for K-12 public schools. We help school nurses deliver care and keep students safe. .
CareGuide Seed Services CareGuide connects families with care providers at,,,, and .
Careport Health Seed Services Careport Health is an online booking engine for post-hospital care. .
CargoBase Seed Enterprise Cargobase is the platform to manage and procure all Spot Buy freight across all freight modes from preselected Providers. .
Carousell Seed eCommerce Carousell is a Singapore-based consumer-to-consumer marketplace application for iOS and Android. .
Cars24 Seed eCommerce Search for used cars and second hand cars in India. Buy or sell your used car or second hand car in India and get car buying tips at First ever Indian online car retail portal, at Find a second hand car, used car or new car - Mar... .
Cashboard Seed Fintech Cashboard allows retail investors to invest in a personal tailored and scientifically diversified portfolio. .
Cashie Commerce Seed Enterprise The fastest way to create and run a successful online store. .
Catch that bus Seed Travel Tech Online aggregator for intercity buses .
Celebrate Seed Content A New Way to Experience Life's Big Moments. .
Cesanta Seed Hardware Cesanta is a software engineering company focused around connected products and Internet of Things. .
Chain Seed Dev Tools Chain builds cryptographic ledger systems that make financial services smarter, more secure, and more connected .
Chaldal Seed eCommerce is an online platform for grocery and delivery based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. .
ChangeCoin Seed Fintech ChangeCoin is a micropayment infrastructure for the Internet. .
Check I'm Here Seed Education Check I’m Here gives universities and colleges the power to manage, track, assess, and engage students and organizations on campus. .
ChinaNetCloud Seed Enterprise ChinaNetCloud is china’s leading internet managed service provider. .
Chromatik Seed Hardware Chromatik builds products for musicians to learn, play, and share the music they love. .
CircleCI Seed Dev Tools CircleCI provides software teams the confidence to build, test, and deploy across numerous platforms. .
Cleanly Seed Services " The institute has conducted an in-depth study of addiction according to its biological, behavioral and social components. .
Cloudability Seed Enterprise Cloudability is a financial management tool for monitoring and analyzing cloud expenses across any organization. .
Cloudpeeps Seed Services CloudPeeps is an all-in-one platform, marketplace and community that empowers freelancers and businesses to do their best work. .
Cobalt Seed Services Cobalt is a Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS) Platform. .
CodeMentor Seed Services Codementor is an online marketplace connecting developers with experts for on-demand 1:1 help via screen sharing, video, and text chat. .
ColourLovers Seed Content COLOURlovers is a creative community enabling users to discuss trends, explore articles and share user-generated colors, palettes, patterns. .
CommitChange Seed Fintech CommitChange allows nonprofits and donors to work together on a single platform to raise money more efficiently. .
Comparably Seed HR and Recruiting Comparably, a platform that provides culture & compensation data for public and private companies. .
Connected Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Connected is a web-based contacts manager that unifies the user's contacts across their emails and social media into one interface. .
Contently Seed Social and Collaboration Contently helps companies build loyal audiences by managing the workflow of premium content at scale. .
Coursebase Seed HR and Recruiting .
CourseReport Seed Education Helping you research the best coding bootcamps .
CraftCoffee Seed eCommerce Craft Coffee is building a better way to buy coffee. Brew better coffee at home, while paying grocery store prices! .
CreditKarma Seed Fintech Credit Karma is a personal finance company that's focused on helping everyone make financial progress. .
Creopop Seed Hardware CreoPop is the world's first 3D pen with cool ink. Unlike other 3D pens there are no hot parts or melting plastic. .
Crocodoc Seed Dev Tools Crocodoc is used in converting Microsoft Office and PDF documents to HTML5, and enabling users to view and collaborate with any web app. .
Crowdfunder Seed Fintech Crowdfunder is the equity crowdfunding leader. .
CStorePro Seed Enterprise Modern back-office for retail operators .
CucumberTown Seed Content Cucumbertown is a food blogging platform. .
CultureMap Seed Content CultureMap is a local digital lifestyle brand leveraging technology to engage with more than 3 million users each month. .
Dabee Seed eCommerce Destination site for foreign buyers to discover and buy products .
DailyMuse Seed HR and Recruiting The Muse is the most trusted destination for your career, helping over 50 million people every year find jobs & succeed in their careers. .
Dailyworth Seed Content Led by women, DailyWorth provides a daily e-newsletter supporting women in making important financial decisions. .
DataRank Seed AI and ML .
Day2Life Seed Enterprise Day2Life is a Korean-based IT company that provides mobile scheduling and supply management solutions to the B2B and B2C markets. .
DayDayCook Seed Content Asia focused multimedia publisher and platform of home cooking .
Descomplica Seed Education Descomplica offers an educational platform that provides students with subject and course materials. .
DesignInc Seed HR and Recruiting Design is a marketplace where people can obtain high quality design work, on demand, from the best design talent in the world. .
DigiSticky Seed Dev Tools DigiSticky is an amazingly simple Do-It-Yourself website builder for the small business owner and solo-pernuer. #500strong .
Dil Mil Seed Social and Collaboration Dil Mil is a matchmaking application that utilizes machine learning algorithms to search and match its user profiles. .
DishDash Seed Services Technology-enabled Corporate Catering Platform .
DocDoc Seed Healthcare DocDoc is Asia’s leading patient empowerment company. .
Dojo Madness Seed Education Dojo Madness develops a set of tools that helps gamers to master their play. .
Dollar Beard Club Seed eCommerce Dollar Beard Club sells high quality beard care products at wholesale prices on a subscription basis. .
Dr. Chrono Seed Healthcare DrChrono offers a healthcare EHR, practice management, API focused on iPads, iPhones, and a web platform. .
Driven Labs Seed Enterprise Driven Labs is a 500 Strong startup dedicated to modernizing automotive repair, one line of code at a time. .
DropShip Seed Enterprise DropShip Commerce is a SaaS solution that standardizes how enterprise retailers & suppliers connect & exchange data for drop shipping. .
Dropsuite Seed Enterprise Dropsuite is a software platform that enables small and medium enterprises to easily backup, recover and protect their digital assets. .
Dverse Seed Hardware DVERSE Incは次世代の没入型3Dコンテンツ・プラットフォームを開発するテクノロジー企業です。 .
East Meet East Seed Social and Collaboration East Meet East is an online dating platform connecting English speaking Asians. .
Easy as Pi Seed Services Pythagoras is a pizza service that enables customers to select a pizza type, set their location, and place orders via the mobile app. .
Easyship Seed Enterprise .
EasySize Seed AI and ML Easysize delivers actionable insights into consumer fashion choices. .
Eaze Solutions Seed Services .
eCommHub Seed Enterprise SaaS B2B Omni-channel eCommerce Automation .
Edfa3ly Seed eCommerce Edfa3ly is an e-commerce retailer that enables shoppers from the Middle East and Africa to order anything they please from U.S. .
Edukart Seed Education EduKart is India’s leading education marketplace offering 2000+ degree, diploma, certificate, entrance coaching & K12 courses. .
Eko Seed Social and Collaboration Eko builds tools to unlock the potential of mobile messaging in the workplace which boost enterprise productivity and security. .
Ematic Solutions Seed Dev Tools Ematic Solutions is helps marketers improve their performance across digital marketing channels. .
Embroker Seed Fintech The easiest way to intelligently insure any business. .
Emburse Seed Fintech Emburse is an expense management platform that provides debit cards for business with unique expense and accounting challenges. .
Emprego Ligado Seed HR and Recruiting A Emprego Ligado oferece vagas de emprego totalmente grátis e perto da sua casa. .
Empreware Seed Enterprise Empreware helps people to create business plans and execute them. We offer a business planning online application. .
enhance Seed eCommerce enhance develops web and mobile-enabled businesses for the Middle East and Africa. .
Enplug Seed Hardware Enplug is a software company that built the first open platform for digital displays everywhere. .
Epic! Seed Education Epic! is a digital library for children who are 12-years-old and under. .
Eponym Seed eCommerce Eponym is an online platform enabling brands to create and distribute prescription eyewear and sunglasses through their own stores. .
Erasmusinn Seed Real Estate and Retail Erasmusinn is a housing platform that helps students find off campus housing and make reservations online. .
Estately Seed Real Estate and Retail Estately is a real estate search site where users can search for information on houses for sale on a map and view detailed descriptions. .
eVenues Seed Real Estate and Retail eVenues is an online marketplace for office and event space rental and bookings. .
Eversnap Photography Seed Services .
Evoz Seed Hardware Evoz is an app that enables parents to monitor their babies by using their iOS devices from anywhere in the world. .
ExitRound Seed Fintech Exitround is a private marketplace for founders to discreetly explore strategic acquisition opportunities. .
ExpenseBot Seed Enterprise Automatic Expense Reports Powered by Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning .
Experiment Seed Fintech Experiment is an online community and a crowdfunding platform for scientific research. .
Fabelio Seed eCommerce Fabelio is an Indonesian online furniture store. .
FabFitFun Seed eCommerce FabFitFun inspires happiness through discovery. .
Fanbridge Seed Marketing and Sales Tools FanBridge is a Fan Audience CRM platform used to manage fan acquisition, retention, and engagement. . Seed Social and Collaboration is a platform allowing fans to support artists and artists to deeply engage with fans. .
Fastwork Seed Services Fastwork is Southeast Asia's largest professional freelancing platform. .
Fave Seed Healthcare KFit provides access into the best fitness studios. .
FeeFighters Seed Fintech FeeFighters enable users to compare credit card processing services. .
Fetchr Seed Enterprise Fetchr is an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company. .
Fiberead Seed Services Book translating combine with self-publishing. .
FIGS Seed eCommerce FIGS creates the highest quality medical apparel in the world. .
Finomial Seed Other Finomial automates the hedge fund subscription process and provides investor analytics on compliance, marketing and investor relations. .
Firefly Space Systems Seed Hardware FireFly is a ground-based small satellite launch company aiming to serve the >1,000kg to Low Earth Orbit market. .
FirstOpinion Seed Healthcare .
Fi.TT Seed Healthcare Fitt is all about movement and motivation. .
FlightFox Seed Travel Tech Tech-enabled experts for enterprise travel. .
Flowtown Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Flowtown is a social media marketing platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers. .
Flycrates Seed Enterprise .
Flywire Seed Fintech .
FoodA Seed Services Fooda is a food technology platform that connects restaurants to people while at work. .
Foodspotting Seed Real Estate and Retail Foodspotting is a community-driven dish discovery app that allows individuals to find, share and recommend food dishes. .
FounderDating Seed Social and Collaboration FounderDating is a network of entrepreneurs focusing on connecting with professionals and skilled individuals. .
Freemit Seed Fintech Send, spend, and get money anywhere. .
Front Row Seed Education .
FullContact Seed Dev Tools Transform partial identities into complete profiles to connect with prospects, capture audience insights, and enhance customer experiences. .
FullStack Academy Seed Education 17 Weeks To a Career in Software Development .
Game Closure Seed Social and Collaboration Game Closure develops multiplayer gaming technology that helps compile, accelerate and deploy games. .
Gather Seed Content Get awesome video reactions on your iPhone. .
Gazehawk Seed Hardware GazeHawk provides users with professional eye-tracking services using webcams in their own homes. .
Geckoboard Seed AI and ML Live TV dashboard software that focuses teams to improve key metrics. .
Getagent Seed Real Estate and Retail GetAgent is the easiest way to find an estate agent to market or manage your property. .
Giftcard Zen Seed Fintech Giftcard Zen, which buys unwanted gift cards and sells them at a discount online. .
GinzaMetrics Seed Marketing and Sales Tools GinzaMetrics offers an SEO and content marketing platform that provides recommendations and competitor analytics to agencies and marketers. .
GitLab Seed Dev Tools GitLab is a web-based Git-repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking and CI/CD pipeline features, using an open-source license, developed by GitLab Inc. .
Glints Seed HR and Recruiting Glints. We build career readiness for youths through internships and skill certifications, and help employers hire more efficiently. .
GoCoin Seed Fintech GoCoin develops a payment gateway for online and retail merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method. .
Goldbean Seed AI and ML GoldBean, investing for beginners. .
Goldbely Seed eCommerce .
Goodpeople Seed eCommerce GoodPeople empowers individuals and groups to have fun, live active lifestyles, and make a positive environmental and/or social impact. .
GoSpotCheck Seed Enterprise GoSpotCheck develops web and mobile apps that help employees gather real-time retail intelligence information from the field. .
Grab Seed Services Grab is a ride-hailing platform that offers booking service for taxis, private cars, and motorbikes through one mobile. .
Gradible Seed Fintech Student Debt Repayment Alternative .
Graphicly Seed Services Graphicly offers an online platform that provides work flow integration, self-publishing, digital distribution, conversion and promotion. .
Graphiq Seed Services Graphiq connects companies with high quality graphic designers. .
Greentoe Seed eCommerce Greentoe is a name your price marketplace bringing market pricing to retail. .
Gyft Seed Fintech gyft is a mobile gift card app that allows customers to buy, store, send and redeem gift cards conveniently from their mobile device. .
Hacker Earth Seed HR and Recruiting HackerEarth helps its clients hire great programmers, the smart way. . Seed Social and Collaboration Bring your team together with Hall's real-time business messaging platform. .
HappyFresh Seed Enterprise HappyFresh lets you shop all your favorite products from great grocery stores around the city at the tap of a button. .
HeartThis Seed eCommerce All your favorite stores in one place .
Hedgeye Seed Fintech Hedgeye Risk Management is a web-based financial research and media company providing investment information. .
Her Seed Social and Collaboration Her is a dating application for lesbians, bisexual and bi-curious women, allowing users to connect with each other and their community. .
Hinge Seed Social and Collaboration Hinge is a social discovery network helping users meet new people through application. .
Hipflat Seed Real Estate and Retail HipFlat is a real estate search engine that helps users find their preferred living place. .
Hipster Seed Content Hipster is an application enabling users to send photographic postcards to others via iPhone and Android devices. .
HireArt Seed HR and Recruiting HireArt is an online recruitment platform, engaged in the pre-screening process for suitable job seekers by creating online interviews. .
Home61 Seed Real Estate and Retail Home61 is an online real estate brokerage company. .
Homeday Seed Real Estate and Retail Homeday is an online resource for finding a new home and getting in touch with a local realtor. .
HomeGP Seed Healthcare They make it easy for you to book a Doctor/Nurse. .
HomeLight Seed Real Estate and Retail HomeLight is the world's leading marketplace for finding real estate professionals. We help sell homes faster and for more money. .
Hoodline Seed Fintech Hoodline powers hyperlocal content discovery across the US. .
Hornet Seed Social and Collaboration .
Hubba Seed Real Estate and Retail HUBBA is a platform and community for global creators .
Hubble Seed Real Estate and Retail Hubble is an online marketplace that makes renting office space easy. .
Huinno Seed Hardware Combining the wearables tech and AI-based analytics to prevent chronic cardiac diseases including arrhythmia, stroke, and hypertension .
HumTap Seed Content Humtap - make music with your voice .
Hush Seed eCommerce Discover, share, and shop for beauty products on Hush. .
iMoney Seed Marketing and Sales Tools is a financial comparison website that caters primarily to the Malaysian market. .
IMRSV Seed Hardware A new way to measure the world. Software that turns any webcam into an intelligent sensor. .
Indinero Seed Fintech inDinero develops software that assists its users in tracking and managing their finance. .
Influitive Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Influitive helps companies mobilize their advocates to provide more referral leads, reference calls, social media advocacy, product reviews. .
InSparq Seed Marketing and Sales Tools inSparq is an online platform that assists retailers in marketing and merchandising their products. .
Instabeat Seed Hardware We are building a connected accessory for swimming goggles that captures real-time heart rate, stroke type, and laps. Instant heart rate information is fed into the swimmers' eyes and presented in a mobile app. .
InstaPaisa Seed AI and ML InstaPaisa is an online consumer lending platform. . Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Platform for Phone and CRM integrations .
Internmatch Seed HR and Recruiting LookSharp helps every student launch their career .
Interstate Seed Dev Tools This website is for sale! is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. We hope you find what you are sear... .
Investacrowd Seed Fintech InvestaCrowd is an online real estate investment platform offering members access to private mid-market real estate investment projects. .
Ironclad Seed Enterprise Ironclad is the intelligent contract management system for in-house legal teams. .
Iterable Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Iterable is a growth marketing and user engagement platform. .
Jamalon Seed eCommerce Jamalon is an online bookstore in the Middle East offering Arabic and English titles with home delivery and customized payment methods. .
Jeeran Seed Travel Tech Jeeran is a Jordan-based local review mobile app that helps its users to interact better with places in their cities. .
Job Pal Seed HR and Recruiting .
Junglee Games Seed Content Headquartered in San Francisco, Junglee is the fastest growing skill games company in South East Asia with over 10 million users. .
Kaodim Seed Services The leading services marketplace in SE Asia, linking people with trustworthy service professionals to accomplish a wide range of projects. .
Karma Seed Hardware Karma Go gets you online anywhere you are, with data options for consistent and occasional use. .
KarmaLaunch Seed Fintech We are dedicated to providing tools and platforms to help good people build awareness, raise money, and promote goodness everywhere. .
KartRocket Seed Enterprise KartRocket help SME’s, manufacturers, creative people and service providers set up their brands online. . Seed Dev Tools User-facing metrics. .
Keen Print Seed Services Keen Systems is a cloud-based platform that allows companies to build and deploy an e-commerce driven web presence. .
Kidblog Seed Education Kidblog provides teachers with blogging tools to help their students navigate safely through the online digital landscape. .
Kiko Labs Seed Education Kiko Labs creates adaptive games for kids based on neuroscience to challenge skills needed for academic success. .
Kinnek Seed eCommerce Kinnek is a single platform for small businesses that makes discovering and transacting with suppliers easier than ever before. .
Kiwicrate Seed eCommerce Kiwi Crate is a website for kids that provides inspiration and materials necessary for imaginative play and learning. .
Knotel Seed Real Estate and Retail Knotel transforms commercial real estate market with its Agile HQ™ Platform for businesses. .
Kodable Seed Education Kodable is a programming curriculum for elementary schools. .
Konnect-I Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Konnecti is a web platform where small and medium enterprises rate the companies with which they do business. .
Kudo Seed Fintech Kudo is an Indonesian startup technology company. .
LabDoor Seed Healthcare Labdoor is an online marketplace that tests and ranks supplements, providing consumers an easy way to research and buy the best products. .
Lagoa Seed Content Lagoa is a cloud platform enabling 3D visualization of content for the engineering, architecture, media and entertainment sectors. .
LaunchDarkly Seed Dev Tools LaunchDarkly is a Feature Management Platform that serves over 30 billion feature flags daily to help teams build better software, faster. .
LeadGenius Seed Marketing and Sales Tools LeadGenius is an end-to-end sales solution that provides companies with a way to generate, qualify, deliver, and convert leads. .
LeadScanner Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Lidskaner is an online system to find potential clients in social networks. .
Lean Startup Machine Seed Education Learn Startup Machine offers an intensive three-day workshop that teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products. .
Leflair Seed eCommerce Vietnam's premier brand shopping destination .
Legitmix Seed Services Legitmix is the only marketplace for remixed music. .
Lettuce Seed Enterprise Lettuce is an inventory and order management system that enables SMBs to capture, track, and process orders from multiple sales channels. .
Lexity Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Lexity is a PaaS-based e-commerce cloud platform providing an own app store for online retailers to manage information with a single click. .
Libra Credit Seed AI and ML Libra Credit is a lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime based on the Ethereum blockchain. .
Life360 Seed Social and Collaboration As world’s largest mobile app for families, Life360 helps families feel closer together .
LightBox Seed Social and Collaboration Lightbox develops consumer mobile apps such as Lightbox photos, an app that provides photo cloud-hosting solutions. .
Likeable Local Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Likeable Local offers integrated software solutions for small businesses to create, enhance, and manage their social media presence. .
LimeLight Seed Social and Collaboration See what’s going on around the world in realtime .
LIMK Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Limk is a content distribution and a discovery platform, helping websites grow traffic while reaching highly engaged audiences. .
Linkdex Seed Dev Tools Linkdex offers a SaaS-based platform unifying search, social, PR and content channels. .
Lish Seed Services Office food programs that employees love .
Little Eye Seed Dev Tools Tools for Mobile App Development .
Live Lovely Seed Real Estate and Retail Lovely is a marketplace for apartment rentals, where renters can search, apply and pay for rent all in one place. .
Local Plant Source Seed Services The Local Plant Source platform uses web platforms to promote knowledge sharing in the commercial landscape industry. .
LocoMotive Labs Seed Education LocoMotive Labs develops assistive and play-based apps for children with special needs, encouraging them to be independent learners. .
Logic Roots Seed Education Logic Roots is a Jaipur based educational gaming startup company .
Lucid Chart Seed Enterprise Lucid Software is focused on building graphical web applications that push the boundaries of what's possible in the browser. .
Magnetis Seed Fintech Magnetis offers a one-stop digital solution for individuals to build long-term investment plans. .
Magoosh Seed Education Magoosh is an online educational platform that teaches students through video explanations and lessons to help them prepare for exams. .
Mailstrom Seed Enterprise The smarter, faster way to clean out your inbox. Remove hundreds (or even thousands) of messages from your inbox all at once. You'll be amazed at how fast you can approach Inbox Zero! .
Makeably Seed eCommerce Hatch is a staffing agency that helps businesses find the right person for their listed jobs. .
MakeLeaps Seed Enterprise MakeLeaps is online invoicing software .
Makerbot Seed Hardware MakerBot Industries creates open source 3D printers. . Seed Hardware Your Content. Elevated. .
MakeSchool Seed Education MakeSchool is building a replacement for the computer science degree. .
Manicube Seed Services The mission of Manicube is to make the lives of working women easier. We are revolutionizing the personal care services industries by .
ManPacks Seed eCommerce Manpacks is a web-based service delivering men’s essentials such as underwear, razors, condoms, grooming and other products, .
Mass Exchange Seed Fintech MASS Exchange is the leading SSP for programmatic linear TV, providing buyers access to spot-level inventory via MASS Exchange marketplaces. .
Mattermark Seed AI and ML Mattermark is a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative start-ups. .
MBDC Media Seed Content .
mClinica Seed Healthcare mClinica provides data, analytics, and patient engagement tools for healthcare organizations in Asia's emerging markets. .
Medialets Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Medialets is a media ad platform enabling businesses to create, deliver and measure mobile and tablet campaigns. .
medico Seed Healthcare Trusted news service for physicians providing a clinical perspective on the breaking medical news that their patients are reading. .
Melotic Seed Fintech Melotic, Inc. is a cryptocurrency technology company founded in 2014 based in Hong Kong .
Merchbar Seed eCommerce Merchbar is an online retailer for music merchandise with over 100,000 items from 3,000 bands. .
Meshcrafts Seed Hardware Meshcrafts AS is a Norwegian start-up specializing in Smart Urban Mobility. .
Metro Residences Seed Real Estate and Retail .
MeUndies Seed eCommerce Feel Good Underwear for Men and Women .
MightyText Seed Social and Collaboration MightyText is a messaging app that enables users to send and receive text and MMS messages via computers and android phones. .
Mihaibao Seed eCommerce Mihaibao makes it easy for China to shop the West in one place. .
Milk and Honey Seed eCommerce The luxury design-your-own shoe brand .
Mindsnacks Seed Education MindSnacks develops multiplayer mobile learning games for learners of all ages. .
MixRank Seed AI and ML MixRank combines robust Mobile App & Web Intelligence with a LiveScan Contacts Engine to Automate Lead Generation .
MMTG Labs Seed AI and ML Appbistro, an application marketplace for the Facebook platform, enables brands and businesses to build out their fan pages effectively. .
Mobile Action Seed AI and ML Mobile Action provides a one stop-shop for app marketers to do competitor analysis and App Store Optimization in the App Store. .
Mocavo Seed Content Mocavo is a genealogy and ancestry search engine enabling users to discover their family history. .
Modest Seed Dev Tools My name is Harper Reed. I am a engineer and architect heavily involved in social networks and the open source software movement. .
Mogul Seed Fintech Mogul is an all-inclusive technology platform and mobile app reaching across 196 countries and 30,470 cities. . Seed Dev Tools MOJIO is an open platform that enables users to connect their cars with other people, places, and things via smartphone apps. .
MoonFruit Seed Dev Tools Moonfruit is a site builder that offers design software to help users build websites and online shops. .
Motion Math Seed Education Delightful games for elementary math's toughest concepts .
MoviePigs Seed Content MoviePigs is an online platform that allows you to stream international indie films, and talents to crowdfund for their new films. .
MURAL Seed Social and Collaboration Mural offers web interface solutions. .
mxHero Seed Enterprise mxHero develops software applications that enable users, service providers, and companies to manage and analyze their email accounts. .
My Child Seed Healthcare My Child An android app to screen developmental disorder. .
MyGengo Seed Travel Tech Gengo, is a global, people-powered translation platform enabling everyone to read and publish across languages with one click. .
MyGola Seed Travel Tech Mygola is a platform enabling travelers to discover customizable and bookable travel itineraries. .
MyHealthTeams Seed Healthcare MyHealthTeams creates social networks for chronic condition communities. .
MyPermissions Seed Enterprise MyPermissions is an online privacy shield app that allows users to scan, manage and regain control of their social media content. .
MyTime Seed Services MyTime powers online scheduling, automated marketing and point of sale for mid-market and enterprise service retailers. . Seed Fintech Neighborly modernizes access to public finance, the multi-trillion dollar market that funds vital public projects. .
NewsWhip Seed AI and ML NewsWhip is the world's largest engagement database, giving customers an understanding of what's interesting their audience right now. .
Nextravel Seed Travel Tech NexTravel is a company focused specifically on making it easier to manage business travel. .
NinjaBlocks Seed Hardware Ninja Blocks is an open-source home automation system that allows users to connect a variety of sensors to the internet. .
Ninua Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Ninua develops social media applications such as Symphony Tools, which helps businesses in managing their social media presence. . Seed Dev Tools Node is an AI-powered discovery engine that connects people with opportunity at massive scale. .
Nomiku Seed Hardware Nomiku creates tools that enable everyone to cook the best food possible. Creator of the smallest and most powerful sous vide devices. .
Noonswoon Seed Social and Collaboration Noonswoon provides mobile dating services for singles in Asia. .
NoRedInk Seed Education NoRedInk is a web-based learning platform supporting students to improve their grammar and writing skills. .
Nugit Seed AI and ML The Data Storytelling Platform for Enterprises and Technology Companies .
Nuve Seed Hardware Nuve, a technology company, develops and delivers asset management and fraud prevention solutions. .
Nuzzel Seed Social and Collaboration Next-generation news monitoring and research tool for PR professionals, investors, marketers, sales people, lawyers, and business owners. .
OhmniLabs Seed Hardware OhmniLabs building robots that improve everyday lives. .
Omvana Seed Education Omvana Changes the Way You Live Life By Giving You Access to the World’s Best Library of Audios Designed to Help You Enhance Your Sleep, Meditation, Focus, Relaxation, Happiness, Career and Habits .
Oneforty Seed Enterprise oneforty is a social business hub that provides buyers with guide for businesses. .
OnePageCRM Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Web-based Sales App for Small Business .
OneSpot Seed Marketing and Sales Tools OneSpot's Individualization Platform helps brands deepen their relationship with consumers. .
OnlineTyari Seed Education OnlineTyari is India's leading online platform providing complete solution for online preparation for different competitive exams .
Ordoro Seed Enterprise Ordoro develops a web app for small-­and-medium-­sized e-­commerce retailers to manage their orders, inventory, and suppliers. .
Oree Seed eCommerce Oree manufactures and commercializes technology products made out of natural materials. .
Otherinbox Seed Enterprise OtherInbox is a company that builds technology to automatically organize emails enabling users to focus on messages based on their priority. .
OwnLocal Seed Marketing and Sales Tools OwnLocal offers a platform to convert print, radio, and television advertisements into online marketing campaigns. .
Oximity Seed Services Oximity is a new mechanism to originate, distribute, and consume News. .
Paidy Seed Fintech Paidy allows consumers buy online quickly and safely and does not require a credit card or pre-registration. .
Pangea Seed Social and Collaboration Pangea is a real estate company offering listings for rental apartments. .
Panoply Seed AI and ML Panoply is a smart cloud data warehouse that automates the collection, modeling, and scaling of any data. .
Pantry Seed Hardware Pantry provides instant access to fresh food through a network of swipe, grab and go kiosks. Always fresh. Always open. .
Papaya Seed eCommerce Online and Mobile Sales of Movie Tickets .
Partnered Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Partnered provides sponsorship management solutions. .
PayClip Seed Hardware Clip is an App that allows any merchant or person to accept all payment methods .
PayDragon Seed Real Estate and Retail PayDragon is a mobile commerce app that allows users to order and pay for groceries from local stores. .
PayrollHero Seed Enterprise PayrollHero is a startup aimed at streamlining payroll and time and attendance tracking for iOS devices. .
Peatix Seed Enterprise Peatix is a global event registration platform that provides organizers with the tools to create, promote, and sell out events. .
Penrose Studios Seed Hardware Penrose is a group of artists, engineers and storytellers pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality. .
PeopleFund Seed Fintech .
Perkhub Seed HR and Recruiting Rewardii is a web app that enables small businesses to save money by forming buying groups within their social graph. .
PICT Seed Content PICT builds a “shoppable photo” technology platform, enabling them to turn a normal photo into a content-rich, e-commerce-enabled photo. .
Pigeonly Seed Content Pigeonly is focus on markets that are overlooked and underserved, particularly, in minority communities. .
PingPad Seed Social and Collaboration Pingpad for Slack is the best of Trello, Google Docs and Wikis in one app. Get your Slack organized. .
PixelFish Seed Marketing and Sales Tools PixelFish is a provider of video advertising solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. .
PixOwl Seed Education Pixowl is working to build a big entertainment family brand on mobile. .
Plancast Seed Social and Collaboration The best way to discover events and activities with friends. .
PlanGrid Seed Enterprise Simple, powerful construction software that GCs, subs, and owners love to use. .
Platzi Seed Education Aprende desde cero a crear el futuro de la web. Cursos de Desarrollo, Diseño, Marketing, y Negocios. .
Playbasis Seed Enterprise Social Engagement & Gamification .
PlayCanvas Seed Content PlayCanvas is a cloud-hosted, collaborative platform for building video games. .
PlusMargin Seed Marketing and Sales Tools PlusMargin combines consumer psychology and machine learning, and persuades users to take action on platforms. .
Plympton Rooster Seed Services DailyLit is the oldest and largest digital distributor of daily serialized fiction, acquired in early 2013 by Plympton Inc. .
Pocket Menu Seed Real Estate and Retail Pocket Concierge helps non-Japanese traveler to book high-end restaurants in Japan .
PogoSeat Seed Services Pogoseat is an enterprise solution for sports teams & concert venues that lets fans upgrade seats & purchase VIP upgrades during events .
Pokkt Seed Fintech POKKT is an Alternate Mobile Payment Platform that helps owners of Paid Digital Goods and Services to monetise thier users through an .
PopXO Seed Content POPxo is India's online community for women that deals everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, work, and etc. .
Pose Seed Content .
Powercore Seed Hardware PowerCore provides Brands with the ability to gain valuable first-party client data with web-based digital solutions. .
Prenetics Seed Healthcare Prenetics is the leading genetic testing/digital health company in Southeast Asia. .
Pressable Seed Dev Tools .
Proven Seed HR and Recruiting Proven is a leading hiring tool for small businesses. .
PTA Networks Seed Travel Tech PlanesTrains+Automobiles is an impressively distributed OTT channel. .
Punchd Seed Real Estate and Retail Punchd is a mobile application facilitating mobile phone-enabled loyalty cards for businesses providing reward points for their customers. . Exited
PUSHTech Seed Dev Tools Push Real-Time, Delta-Data, streaming technology optimizes data delivery for Web, Mobile & IoT Apps. .
Qishidai Seed Enterprise Qishidai is a Mobile customer service and management platform. .
Qraved Seed Real Estate and Retail Qraved provides users with restaurant information, reviews, recommended dishes with photos, promotions, and an instant booking facility. .
Quickli Seed Enterprise Quickli B2B On-demand Local Delivery Network. .
Quipper Seed Education Quipper provides quiz-based e-learning apps for iPhone and Android platforms. .
Qustn Seed Education SaaS based Learning & Engagement platform for remote stakeholders -- Available across the mobile and web, used by companies of all sizes. .
Rachio Seed Hardware Rachio is a technology company offering a smart irrigation controller with cloud-based software and web-based dashboards. .
Rankpeek Seed Marketing and Sales Tools RankPeek is a web application that allows marketers to track their product reviews and rating across multiple e-tailers. .
Rapportive Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Rapportive is an email add-on that displays social media info about contacts inside the users’ inbox. .
Raur Seed Content RAUR is a web-based social publishing platform for podcasts. .
Ready For Zero Seed Fintech ReadyForZero creates online financial software for actively managing personal debt and credit. .
Realiteer Seed Hardware REALITEER develops immersive and evidence-based programs in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). .
Recurly Seed Dev Tools Recurly is a SaaS-based company providing recurring billing management as an outsourced service. .
Reddoorz Seed Real Estate and Retail RedDoorz is a platform offering budget accommodations across key business and tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. .
Red Tricycle Seed Education Red Tricycle is a digital media company that provides authoritative, localized content to its growing online community of busy urban moms .
Remind Seed Education Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. .
Remix Seed Enterprise .
RentLord Seed Real Estate and Retail Rentlord is an online social platform enabling landlords and tenants to rent homes. .
RepublicProject Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Republic Project offers a cloud-based ad platform that makes it easy to scale campaigns, meet demand, and optimize performance in real time. .
Retailigence Seed AI and ML Retailigence is an online-to-offline marketing platform for driving product sales in-store. .
RippleHire Seed HR and Recruiting RippleHire is a gamified employee referral product that automates sourcing and helps hire great talent. .
RolePoint Seed HR and Recruiting Re-imagining talent acquisition for the enterprise. RolePoint are building software that is changing the way talent is sourced. .
Runnable Seed Education Runnable builds, tests and runs full-stack environments for every branch to give developers feedback earlier in the development process. . Seed Dev Tools develops software enabling managers to boost their teams' productivity through task management and performance evaluation. .
Salido Seed Enterprise SALIDO is working with hospitality operators, developing a single platform for their restaurant operations. .
Sambaads Seed Content A gente une a tecnologia da distribuição de conteúdo em vídeo para espalhar as melhores histórias pelo mundo. YContent. Dê o play para descobrir. SambaAds | no cats playing piano .
Saucey Seed eCommerce .
Saygent Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Saygent is a SaaS-based platform offering voice response and analysis solutions for marketers to study customer perception. .
ScentBird Seed eCommerce Scentbird enables its users to choose and get supply of sample designer fragrances on a monthly basis before buying them. .
SendGrid Seed Enterprise SendGrid is a proven, cloud-based customer communication platform that drives engagement and business growth. .
SendHub Seed Dev Tools SendHub is the Business Phone System for Mobile. .
Sentry Seed Dev Tools .
Senzari Seed Dev Tools Senzari develops data and intelligence solutions for the media and entertainment industry. .
Settled Seed Real Estate and Retail Settled is a web based property sales service that allows individuals to market their homes through the internet for a flat fee. .
Shareaholic Seed Marketing and Sales Tools The world's leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform that helps grow your website traffic, engagement, conversions & monetization. .
Shelf Seed eCommerce Discover great products with people who actually use them. .
Sheroes Seed HR and Recruiting .
ShopGoMe Seed Fintech ShopGo is an eCommerce solution for merchants in emerging markets. .
Shoppr Seed eCommerce Shoppr is an app that lets you discover and shop similar items from fashion trendsetters. .
Shots Mobile Seed Social and Collaboration Shots Studios is a Los Angeles-based, data-driven entertainment company that produces online comedy and music videos. .
Sightly Enterprises Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Sightly provides people-centered targeting and dynamic personalization to maximize the reach and effectiveness of video advertising. .
Simple Seed Fintech Simple is a web and mobile application that unifies various accounts into one accessible bank card.. .
SiteJabber Seed Content Sitejabber helps online consumers find trustworthy businesses and avoid scams. .
SkillBridge Seed Services Skillbridge gives clients on-demand access to a 'hidden market' of top-tier Elite Business Freelancers. .
SkimLinks Seed Dev Tools Skimlinks is the leading commerce content monetization platform, supporting publishers’ creation of a new revenue stream. .
Skygiraffe Seed Dev Tools SkyGiraffe is an enterprise mobility platform that mobilizes back-end data, enabling employees to manage business processes on any device. .
Smart Bites Seed Education OKpanda develops innovative digital products for learning English. .
Smove Seed Services Mobility on-demand, Vehicles Sharing solutions, Car sharing .
Smule Seed Content Smule develops music-making apps that connect people. .
Snapsheet Seed Services We analyze trends in news. You can't read everything. Only a few topics matter each day, and only a tiny fraction of material from even the best sources covers them well. We find this critical subset of the mediaverse for you and present it in an effic... .
Snips Seed Hardware Snips is a decentralized, private by design voice assistant and platform. .
SocialDice Seed HR and Recruiting SocialDice is an innovative hiring solution that makes hiring easy, smart and fun tailored for SMEs in the Middle East & North Africa. .
SocialTables Seed Enterprise Social Tables is a web-based event planning platform for hospitality, meeting and event professionals. .
SocialTools Seed Dev Tools Social Tools is a Social Marketing Suite, that enables Agencies and Marketers to run low-cost promotions and contests on Facebook. .
SocialWire Seed Marketing and Sales Tools .
Socius Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Custom native ads that scale! .
Sonoma Seed eCommerce Sonoma is Brazil's premier online wine curator .
Sora Seed Travel Tech MagicPrice is an online service that compares prices of various hotels and inns. .
Spacee Seed Real Estate and Retail 貸し会議室・レンタルスペースを1時間500円から、貸し借りできる国内最大級のマーケットプレイス「スペイシー」。首都圏を中心とし約4000件の会議室や研修施設・イベントホール等を扱っています。 ( .
Speek Seed Social and Collaboration Speek enables conference calling by using a unique web link instead of dial-ins, PINs or downloads. .
SpotHero Seed Services SpotHero is the parking reservation platform, with 20 million+ cars parked and the largest network of connected parking facilities. .
Spottly Seed Travel Tech Spottly is the world's first picture-based travel guide. Plan your next trip using Spottly's visual travel search .
Springboard Seed Education Springboard offers flexible, online courses in cutting-edge career paths such as data science, design, analytics, marketing and security. .
Sproutify Seed Real Estate and Retail AppBoom is a HTML5 and CSS3 template which is a responsive app landing page template and built with most popular Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 framework .
Sproutkin Seed Education Sproutkin is a subscription service for children's books allowing parents to receive shipments of new books on a regular basis. .
StackSocial Seed eCommerce StackSocial is a platform to discover, share, and buy trending tech. Apps + gear to make you better, faster, more awesome. .
StartupHouse Seed Real Estate and Retail We provide space that support early stage entrepreneurs and people working in startups. .
StormPulse Seed AI and ML Stormpulse provides businesses with weather advisories and news to assist their long term and daily decision-making. .
Storyhunter Seed Services The #1 Video Creator Marketplace and Freelancer Management System .
Streem Seed Enterprise Streem offers unlimited cloud storage for you to store, stream, and share your media. .
Stupeflix Seed Content Stupeflix gives people, and developers, video creation super powers. .
Styleseat Seed Services StyleSeat is an online destination that connects beauty and wellness professionals with clients. .
Sunrise Seed Enterprise Sunrise is a free calendar app specifically designed to make your life easier. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Web. .
Superhuman Labs Seed Hardware .
Surefield Seed Real Estate and Retail Surefield is a residential real estate brokerage headquartered in Seattle, Washington. .
Switch Seed HR and Recruiting Switch is a swipe-to-apply, addictively simple job matching app. .
SwitchMe Seed Fintech SwitchMe is a consumer service that makes it easy for consumers to switch from one service to another. . Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Synappio offers email service providers and marketers with email deliverability solutions. .
Taamkru Seed Education Taamkru is well-known for its eponymous website and smartphone app. .
Tagbeat Seed Content .
Talkable Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Talkable is a technology platform that enables marketers to run customizable Refer A Friend Programs. .
Tapastic Seed Content .
TapFwd Seed Marketing and Sales Tools .
Tappy Seed Social and Collaboration Hyperlocal social app that transforms any location into a virtual online community .
Tapshot Seed Dev Tools Tapshot makes Videokits which is self-guided mobile video production made easy. .
TaskRabbit Seed Services TaskRabbit is a platform that matches up users with help on furniture assembly, moving, and other handyman services. .
TeachStreet Seed Education TeachStreet is an online marketplace providing information about local and online classes and teachers. . Seed Content is a new digital publication dedicated to covering the European technology industry in depth. . Seed eCommerce Custom Merchandising Online Retailer .
Telepathic Seed Content Telepathic is redefining storytelling for the Snapchat generation. .
Tello Seed Dev Tools Tello (now closed) helped improve customer service by providing real-time insight into the customer experience. .
Territory Foods Seed Services .
TheIceBreak Seed Social and Collaboration Theicebreak is an online portal that helps couples track, analyze and enjoy their romantic relationships. .
The Other Guys Seed Content The Other Guys is a mobile and social games studio focused on developing immersive games for the post-PC era. .
The Ticket Fairy Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Full-stack event marketing, ticketing, analytics and advertising platform .
Thinglink Seed Dev Tools ThingLink makes it easy to embed notes, links, and call to action options to visual media. 2.5 million content creators use ThingLink. .
ThinkUp Seed AI and ML ThinkUp gives you insights into your activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. .
Ticketbox Seed Enterprise TicketBox is an online ticketing platform that helps event organizers in Vietnam and South East Asia to sell tickets. .
Torbit Seed Dev Tools Torbit is a cloud-based website accelerator service that makes websites faster and allows users to measure their website’s performance. .
Tradegecko Seed Enterprise TradeGecko is an inventory and order management platform for modern wholesale merchants .
Tradesy Seed eCommerce Tradesy is marketplace where millions of women come to buy and sell clothing, bags and accessories. .
Transcriptic Seed Hardware Transcriptic is a SaaS-based biotechnology company providing robotic solutions for biology labs. .
Trocafone Seed eCommerce Trocafone is an online marketplace to buy and sell used electronics, particularly smartphones. .
TrueLens Seed AI and ML TrueLens is a CRM platform providing Socialgraphic insights into customers, enabling brands to increase ROI and revenue. . Seed eCommerce TRUSTEDCOMPANY is an open review community that helps consumers identify trustworthy and reliable online merchants. .
Trusted Insight Seed Fintech Trusted Insight is the leading Institutional Syndication Platform for Alternative Assets. Its members manage over $18 Trillion in AUM. .
Twilio Seed Dev Tools Twilio is a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP, and SMS apps via a web API. .
Tynker Seed Education Tynker is a creative computing platform where millions of kids have learned to program and built games, apps and more. .
Ubooly Seed Hardware Ubooly offers an interactive, educational soft toy for children that can be controlled through iOS devices. .
Udemy Seed Education Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. .
Unbounce Seed Dev Tools Build high-converting landing pages and popups for your marketing campaigns, without the need for developers. .
Unikrn Seed Content is an eSports wagering service provide a safe and legal place to gather, game, and bet on eSports. . Seed Marketing and Sales Tools is the First-Of-Its-Kind solution to help mobile developers to solve the uninstall mystery. .
Upguard Seed Enterprise UpGuard is a cyber resilience platform, designed to proactively assess and manage the business risks posed by technology. .
Valor Water Analytics Seed AI and ML Valor Water Analytics develops customized financial data and dashboard tools for water utilities and businesses. .
Veduca Seed Education .
Versly Seed Enterprise Versly integrates Microsoft Office applications and links content in documents, spreadsheets, presentations and email. .
Versus Seed AI and ML VERSUS IO is an online natural language-styled comparison tool for all digital devices and services. .
Viajamex Seed Travel Tech Viajamex is an online travel agency that enables users to find and book flight and hotel deals. .
Video Pixie Seed Services Videopixie is a marketplace for video production that allows users to have great video on the website, such as promotional videos and etc. .
Viki Seed Content Brings global prime-time entertainment to new audiences and unlocks new markets and revenue opportunities for content owners. .
Virool Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Virool is a programmatic video marketing platform. .
Visor Seed Enterprise VISOR’s is marketplace for Financial Institutions, Corporations and Cloud Service Providers to access and transact with analyzed SMEs .
Visually Seed Services Visually is the content creation platform that enables businesses to connect with their audiences through premium visual content . Exited
VivaReal Seed Real Estate and Retail VivaReal is an online real estate marketplace that connects buyers, sellers, and renters with properties in Brazil. .
Volta Industries Seed Hardware Volta designs, installs and maintains a network of free electric vehicle charging stations funded by sponsor brands. .
Vonjour Seed Enterprise Vonjour is a Santa Monica based company with a mission of being the center of all customer conversations. .
Votizen Seed Social and Collaboration Votizen is a consumer technology company that harnesses social networks to create a connected electorate of voters. .
VTS Seed Real Estate and Retail VTS empowers landlords and brokers to better attract, convert and retain their most valuable asset – tenants. .
Vulcun Seed Fintech HiGear is a private car-sharing club for luxury and sports cars. .
Vungle Seed Dev Tools Vungle is the way developers put video ads in their apps. .
WalkerCo Seed eCommerce We make health and beauty simple for people of color. .
Wamova Seed Enterprise .
Wanderu Seed Travel Tech Wanderu is the ground travel middle-layer technology and consumer search in North America and expanding globally. .
WashBox24 Seed Services WashBox24 is a 24 hours, 7 days laundry service focused on delivering value for its customers and partners. .
Wedgies Seed Social and Collaboration Wedgies offers a social polling service that helps publishers collect survey respondents directly within social media streams. .
WePay Seed Dev Tools WePay is an online payment service provider based in the United States that provides an integrated and customizable payment solution through its APIs to platform businesses such as crowdfunding sites, marketplaces and small business software companies. .
Wevorce Seed Services Wevorce offers web-based technology and a community of trained attorneys, counselors, and other experts to help couples divorce amicably. .
WholeShare Seed eCommerce Online Marketplace for Sustainable Food / Whole Foods for the 99% .
Wildfire Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Wildfire is a provider of enterprise social media marketing software. .
WiseCommerce Seed Enterprise Wiser is the leading provider of actionable online and in-store data for better decisions. .
Wittlebee Seed eCommerce Wittlebee is a kids' clothing company offering custom packages based on a child’s age, color preferences, and geographic location. .
Womply Seed AI and ML Womply helps small businesses thrive in a digital world. .
WorkLife Seed Enterprise Worklife is a web and mobile app that helps teams run highly productive, engaging meetings. .
WorldShop Seed eCommerce Offers international buyers: Fair Prices, Free Shipping and a World Changing mission .
Worq Seed Real Estate and Retail WORQ is Malaysia's biggest co-working space. .
XtGem Seed Dev Tools Content Network in South East Asia (and mobile website platform) .
YaSabe Seed Travel Tech San Francisco, CA Yellow Pages site for Latinos. Find San Francisco, CA businesses, jobs and local information .
YesBoss Seed Enterprise .
YesGraph Seed Dev Tools YesGraph can boost your company's growth with high-performance invite and referral flows. .
Your Superfoods Seed eCommerce Wir haben 7 funktionelle Superfood Mixe formuliert - für mehr Energie, ein starkes Immunsystem, sowie die Extraportion Antioxidantien und Protein. .
Zappli Seed eCommerce .
Zapr Seed AI and ML ZAPR is a fast growing media-tech startup and is India's largest media consumption repository and audience targeting platform. . Seed Content operates an online live-sharing platform for customers in Indonesia. .
Zencoder Seed Dev Tools Zencoder is web-based video encoding SaaS, designed to convert any video into web and mobile-compatible formats in real-time. .
Zenysis Seed AI and ML Zenysis build the software that governments & international organizations need to confront some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. .
Zesty Seed Services Zesty provides regular office catering to companies in San Francisco and the Peninsula. .
ZipDial Seed Marketing and Sales Tools ZipDial offers a marketing and analytics platform that enables brand managers to drive customer engagement by capitalizing on missed calls. .
ZipMatch Seed Real Estate and Retail ZipMatch is an online marketplace that offers real-estate services for buyers, brokers, and real estate developers. .
ZipZap Seed Fintech ZipZap is a technology platform for moving money around the world. .
ZoeMob Seed Services Innovative Digital Marketing Agency .
Zowdow Seed Enterprise Find what you want quickly. Coming soon to a search box near you. .
Zozi Seed Travel Tech ZOZI designs and develops a web-based bookings, payments, and customer management software for tour, activity, and event businesses. .
Zumata Seed Real Estate and Retail Artificial Intelligence Travel Technology * Hotel Distribution API * IBM Watson * Natural Language * Bots *500,000 Hotels .
Zya Seed Content Zya was founded to democratize music creation and expression through imaginative games and apps. .