500 Startups AI and ML Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
42 Seed AI and ML 42 Technologies is a modern data analytics and reporting platform for retailers. .
AirPR Seed AI and ML AirPR is the data science company for communications and PR. .
AirSeed Seed AI and ML Personalized travel offers & insights on autopilot .
Alpharank Seed AI and ML API's to turn payment data into human influence graphs. .
Apptopia Seed AI and ML Apptopia provides services in app analytics, data mining, and business intelligence for the mobile industry. .
AppZen B11 AI and ML AppZen offers an artificial Intelligence powered SaaS solution for automating enterprise back office processes. .
Astronomer Seed AI and ML Astronomer is a data workflow platform built around Apache Airflow. .
Beeketing B15 AI and ML Marketing Platform for E-Commerce .
Botanalytics AI and ML Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool for bots, helping bot makers to improve human-to-bot communication. .
ChannelMeter B9 AI and ML ChannelMeter is an enterprise platform for next generation media companies and brands. .
Coinalytics B9 AI and ML Coinalytics is a venture-backed startup that provides real-time intelligence for decentralized blockchain platforms. . Dead
Dataculture B15 AI and ML .
DataRank Seed AI and ML .
Datasembly B14 AI and ML Datasembly collects pricing data from across the web. .
EasySize Seed AI and ML Easysize delivers actionable insights into consumer fashion choices. .
Efflux Systems B17 AI and ML Efflux is the first scalable cybersecurity hunting platform to simplify and automate traditionally manual analytics. . Exited
Faception B16 AI and ML Faception is a facial personality profiling company. .
Farmeron B3 AI and ML A cloud-based dairy herd & farm business management software - allowing producers across the world to become the very best. . Exited
FlyData B3 AI and ML FlyData automatically loads your data to Amazon Redshift continuously and securely in a matter of minutes. .
FoxType B16 AI and ML FoxType offers a free Gmail plugin that helps you write in a more polite, friendly tone. .
Geckoboard Seed AI and ML Live TV dashboard software that focuses teams to improve key metrics. .
Goldbean Seed AI and ML GoldBean, investing for beginners. .
GridCure B12 AI and ML GridCure brings the concepts and practices of big data to the electrical power utility space. .
Growbots B12 AI and ML AI for Sales .
Hom.ma AI and ML Homma Inc is an artificial intelligence software company that provides home security for homeowners. .
InnovAccer B12 AI and ML Healthcare's Big Data Platform .
InstaGIS B6 AI and ML InstaGIS (500 Startups ‘13) equips local gov with data-driven tools to understand citizens and drive meaningful, proactive engagement. .
InstaPaisa Seed AI and ML InstaPaisa is an online consumer lending platform. .
Libra Credit Seed AI and ML Libra Credit is a lending ecosystem that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime based on the Ethereum blockchain. .
LoyaltyRefunds B4 MX AI and ML Cloud Intelligence to make loyal customers .
Mattermark Seed AI and ML Mattermark is a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative start-ups. .
MixRank Seed AI and ML MixRank combines robust Mobile App & Web Intelligence with a LiveScan Contacts Engine to Automate Lead Generation .
MMTG Labs Seed AI and ML Appbistro, an application marketplace for the Facebook platform, enables brands and businesses to build out their fan pages effectively. .
Mobile Action Seed AI and ML Mobile Action provides a one stop-shop for app marketers to do competitor analysis and App Store Optimization in the App Store. .
NewsWhip Seed AI and ML NewsWhip is the world's largest engagement database, giving customers an understanding of what's interesting their audience right now. .
Nugit Seed AI and ML The Data Storytelling Platform for Enterprises and Technology Companies .
Oddup B17 AI and ML Empowering smart investment decisions with rating scores, valuations, analyst commentary and more on startups. .
Panoply Seed AI and ML Panoply is a smart cloud data warehouse that automates the collection, modeling, and scaling of any data. .
Pilotly B16 AI and ML Watch pilot TV shows and let Hollywood know what you think. Help shape the TV, Power to the Viewer! .
PredictionIO B8 AI and ML Open source machine learning server . Exited
Proleads B12 AI and ML ProLeads is the holy grail of Account Based Prospect Development. We provide a set of tools for B2B companies to reduce their customer acquisition cost and increase conversion rates on closing new business. Our mission is to help connect sellers with t... .
ResultsOnAir B13 AI and ML Predictive TV analytics, think of Mixpanel for TV advertisers. .
Retailigence Seed AI and ML Retailigence is an online-to-offline marketing platform for driving product sales in-store. .
Rikai Labs AI and ML Rikai Labs engages and educates WeChat users by blending chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence with live people. .
Sentisis Analytics BX AI and ML Sentisis is an international corporate group specialized in Natural Language Understanding technologies with offices. .
Simpliroute B15 AI and ML SimpliRoute (www.simpliroute.com) is the route optimization revolution. .
SimplyInsight B10 AI and ML .
Spinnakr B3 AI and ML Spinnakr enables users to group their online visitors into audiences that they can reach with simple, targeted messages. .
Statsbot AI and ML Statsbot is a Business Intelligent assistant to explore data and get analytical insights .
StormPulse Seed AI and ML Stormpulse provides businesses with weather advisories and news to assist their long term and daily decision-making. .
ThinkUp Seed AI and ML ThinkUp gives you insights into your activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. .
TrueLens Seed AI and ML TrueLens is a CRM platform providing Socialgraphic insights into customers, enabling brands to increase ROI and revenue. .
uBiome B7 AI and ML uBiome is a citizen science startup that sequences the human microbiome. .
UXCam B10 AI and ML Allows users to eliminate customer struggle and improve user experience by capturing and visualizing screen video and user interaction data. .
Valor Water Analytics Seed AI and ML Valor Water Analytics develops customized financial data and dashboard tools for water utilities and businesses. .
Versus Seed AI and ML VERSUS IO is an online natural language-styled comparison tool for all digital devices and services. .
VoidBrains B4 MX AI and ML SuperGanadero offers SmartFarmr, software for pig farms to increase its performance and productivity. .
Volara B13 AI and ML SABR monitors multiple blockchains to identify and locate criminal activity. .
Whale Path B8 AI and ML Crowdsourced Market Intelligence Platform to Obtain Customized Market Research .
Womply Seed AI and ML Womply helps small businesses thrive in a digital world. .
Zapr Seed AI and ML ZAPR is a fast growing media-tech startup and is India's largest media consumption repository and audience targeting platform. .
Zenysis Seed AI and ML Zenysis build the software that governments & international organizations need to confront some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. .
Zyudly Labs AI and ML Zyudly Labs provides deep learning powered fraud and cybersecurity solutions for the financial services industry. .