500 Startups eCommerce Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
43Layers B14 eCommerce 43Layers is a marketplace where you can design your own custom gifts, decor and accessories. .
99Gamers B11 eCommerce 99Gamers makes it easy to trade your unwanted video games for ones you’ve longed for. .
Abbeypost B9 eCommerce Software-driven custom apparel that fits every woman's shape and size. . Exited
Aksel Group Seed eCommerce Aksel Group offers direct-to-customer apparel and accessories for men, and donates a school uniform to a child in need for every shirt sold. .
Ample B16 eCommerce Ample Foods creates optimally nutritious meals in bottles. .
BabyList B5 eCommerce .
Backlotcars B12 eCommerce Wholesale Automotive Marketplace .
BarkBox Seed eCommerce Barkbox is a subscription-based e-commerce and content company for dog lovers. .
Barn & Willow B15 eCommerce Easiest way to buy custom window coverings .
Bespoke Post Seed eCommerce Bespoke Post offers themed boxes full of gears for men, plus a full shop of uniquely cool standalone products. .
Bglamor B16 eCommerce Bglamor is the global shopping platform for buying popular products for women. .
BidAway B8 eCommerce BidAway allows its users to bid for unique experiences in real-time online auctions and raffles for unique experiences with celebrities. .
Billowby Seed eCommerce Billowby is an online Headshop selling pipes, vapes, bongs, and more. .
Bohemian Guitars B9 eCommerce Free-spirited music lifestyle brand .
Boletia BX eCommerce Boletia offers an online ticket selling service. .
Bombfell B4 eCommerce Bombfell is an online clothing retail store providing personalized clothes for men. .
BoxGreen eCommerce BoxGreen is on a mission to promote healthier snacking by sourcing and delivering natural and healthy snacks straight to your hands. .
BrewPublik B16 eCommerce .
Buenchef eCommerce Buenchef is a grocery delivery service company that delivers a recipe and the portioned required ingredients to the customer's doorstep .
Bukalapak Seed eCommerce Bukalapak is an e-commerce company that sells a diverse range of products. .
CalzaClick BX eCommerce World's largest online community for Shoe fashionistas .
Carelulu B10 eCommerce CareLuLu is the easiest way for parents to find a daycare or preschool that fits their family's needs. .
Carousell Seed eCommerce Carousell is a Singapore-based consumer-to-consumer marketplace application for iOS and Android. .
Cars24 Seed eCommerce Search for used cars and second hand cars in India. Buy or sell your used car or second hand car in India and get car buying tips at First ever Indian online car retail portal, Cars24.in. at Cars24.in. Find a second hand car, used car or new car - Mar... .
Chaldal Seed eCommerce Chaldal.com is an online platform for grocery and delivery based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. .
Chocotravlr eCommerce .
CraftCoffee Seed eCommerce Craft Coffee is building a better way to buy coffee. Brew better coffee at home, while paying grocery store prices! .
Cuponomia B5 eCommerce Cuponomia is a search portal that enables its users to find online coupon and promotional codes for major Brazilian eCommerce sites. .
Dabee Seed eCommerce Destination site for foreign buyers to discover and buy products .
Dealflicks B5 eCommerce Dealflicks provides movie tickets and concessions for discounted prices, helping theaters fill their empty seats. .
deporPrivé eCommerce deporPrivé is a sports-specific flash sale website that provides members with access to sales from brand partners. .
Disenia BX eCommerce Buy the best design products in Latin America with a unique experience .
Dollar Beard Club Seed eCommerce Dollar Beard Club sells high quality beard care products at wholesale prices on a subscription basis. .
Doughbies B11 eCommerce Freshly baked goods delivered when you want them. On Demand and Same Day in San Francisco and Next Day Delivery Nationwide. . Dead
Edfa3ly Seed eCommerce Edfa3ly is an e-commerce retailer that enables shoppers from the Middle East and Africa to order anything they please from U.S. .
Enchanted Diamonds B8 eCommerce Enchanted Diamonds is an e-commerce platform that offers personalized engagement rings for customers. .
enhance Seed eCommerce enhance develops web and mobile-enabled businesses for the Middle East and Africa. .
Eponym Seed eCommerce Eponym is an online platform enabling brands to create and distribute prescription eyewear and sunglasses through their own stores. .
Equipboard B8 eCommerce Equipboard is building the world’s largest database of artists and the gear they use. .
Fabelio Seed eCommerce Fabelio is an Indonesian online furniture store. .
FabFitFun Seed eCommerce FabFitFun inspires happiness through discovery. .
Feesheh Consumer eCommerce Feesheh Provides you with musical instruments of all brands at competitive prices. .
FIGS Seed eCommerce FIGS creates the highest quality medical apparel in the world. .
Flipgive eCommerce FlipGive is a team commerce platform that connects merchants & consumers via the youth sports market .
Fy London eCommerce Fy is creating the most fun, addictive way to shop on your phone. .
Glambot B13 eCommerce Glambot was founded by a tried-and-true makeup-loving hoarder. .
GlamSt B13 eCommerce We develop Augmented Reality for beauty brands and retailers . Exited
Goldbely Seed eCommerce .
Goodpeople Seed eCommerce GoodPeople empowers individuals and groups to have fun, live active lifestyles, and make a positive environmental and/or social impact. .
Greentoe Seed eCommerce Greentoe is a name your price marketplace bringing market pricing to retail. .
Grove Collaborative eCommerce Home and personal care products that make it easy to create a healthy, beautiful home. .
Hazel Lane B13 eCommerce .
HeartThis Seed eCommerce All your favorite stores in one place .
Hush Seed eCommerce Discover, share, and shop for beauty products on Hush. .
Ingresse B4 eCommerce Ingresse is a social ticketing company that enables people to discover the latest concerts, nightclubs, parties, and theater plays. .
Italist B11 eCommerce The largest selection of luxury goods from Italy’s finest retailers .
Jamalon Seed eCommerce Jamalon is an online bookstore in the Middle East offering Arabic and English titles with home delivery and customized payment methods. .
Kinnek Seed eCommerce Kinnek is a single platform for small businesses that makes discovering and transacting with suppliers easier than ever before. .
Kiwicrate Seed eCommerce Kiwi Crate is a website for kids that provides inspiration and materials necessary for imaginative play and learning. .
Kollecto B13 eCommerce Find your next favorite artist. Discover new artworks every week. Curate and share artwork you love. .
Leflair Seed eCommerce Vietnam's premier brand shopping destination .
LE TOTE B6 eCommerce Le Tote is an online fashion subscription service, delivering rental fashion directly to women’s doors. .
Lottery.com B14 eCommerce .
LoveWithFood B3 eCommerce Love With Food is a marketing and market research platform for CPG food brands. . Exited
Makeably Seed eCommerce Hatch is a staffing agency that helps businesses find the right person for their listed jobs. .
ManPacks Seed eCommerce Manpacks is a web-based service delivering men’s essentials such as underwear, razors, condoms, grooming and other products, .
Mejuri B15 eCommerce Feel precious everyday. Mejuri introduces exclusive precious jewelry that take women from day to night at fashionable prices. .
Merchbar Seed eCommerce Merchbar is an online retailer for music merchandise with over 100,000 items from 3,000 bands. .
MeUndies Seed eCommerce Feel Good Underwear for Men and Women .
Mihaibao Seed eCommerce Mihaibao makes it easy for China to shop the West in one place. .
Milk and Honey Seed eCommerce The luxury design-your-own shoe brand .
MojiLala eCommerce MojiLaLa is an emoji marketplace for independent artists and studios from around the world. .
MORI B17 eCommerce MORI (babymori.com) is an innovative and sustainable babywear brand. D2C .
MyCoffeeBox BX eCommerce MyCoffeeBox.com is an online platform that enables users to subscribe to a monthly delivery of organic and fair trade coffee. .
OrderCircle eCommerce B2B / wholesale cart - the simplicity of Shopify, but for B2B e-commerce. .
Oree Seed eCommerce Oree manufactures and commercializes technology products made out of natural materials. .
Papaya Seed eCommerce Online and Mobile Sales of Movie Tickets .
Phenom B16 eCommerce The digital identity for every young athlete in the world. .
Podozi B16 eCommerce Podozi is a beauty tech startup solving the problem of finding "right fit" beauty products for people of color. .
Printify eCommerce .
Ropanroll B5 MX eCommerce The first company in the region to help you renew the closet of your children smarter, faster and easier. .
Saucey Seed eCommerce .
ScentBird Seed eCommerce Scentbird enables its users to choose and get supply of sample designer fragrances on a monthly basis before buying them. .
Scopio eCommerce The World’s Largest Library of User Generated Photos .
Shelf Seed eCommerce Discover great products with people who actually use them. .
Shopeando B2 MX eCommerce Shopeando is an online retailer that offers a wide array of unbranded products. .
Shopline B10 eCommerce Shopline is easiest way to open an online shop. Anywhere, anytime, no coding required. .
Shoppr Seed eCommerce Shoppr is an app that lets you discover and shop similar items from fashion trendsetters. .
Silkroad Images B10 eCommerce An ever-growing library of exclusive Middle Eastern & Turkish digital content .
SimplyCook eCommerce SimplyCook offers home recipe kits with easy step-by-step guides to cook restaurant quality food in less than 20 minutes. .
Soldsie B3 eCommerce Soldsie is a social commerce platform that allows customers to purchase products through comments on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. .
Sonoma Seed eCommerce Sonoma is Brazil's premier online wine curator .
Spoyl eCommerce India's largest destination platform for influencer-led fashion e-commerce .
StackSocial Seed eCommerce StackSocial is a platform to discover, share, and buy trending tech. Apps + gear to make you better, faster, more awesome. .
Strapping B11 eCommerce .
Tealet B5 eCommerce Online Farmer's Market for Tea on Bitcoin .
Teaman & Company B9 eCommerce Teaman & Company is revolutionizing the jewelry experience for the millennial generation. . Dead
Tees.co.id Seed eCommerce Custom Merchandising Online Retailer .
TheAmazeApp eCommerce AMAZE is curated by leading fashion industry experts and engineered by noted software designers. .
Tie Society B4 eCommerce When you need to look good, we ensure you look your best. Choose the ties and accessories you want. Wear them for as long as you'd like. .
TotSpot B9 eCommerce Totspot is a social mobile marketplace for fashion resale. The platform enables social commerce between mom consumers . . Exited
Tradesy Seed eCommerce Tradesy is marketplace where millions of women come to buy and sell clothing, bags and accessories. .
Trocafone Seed eCommerce Trocafone is an online marketplace to buy and sell used electronics, particularly smartphones. .
TrustedCompany.com Seed eCommerce TRUSTEDCOMPANY is an open review community that helps consumers identify trustworthy and reliable online merchants. .
TuckerNuck B4 eCommerce Tuckernuck is an online boutique that puts a fresh spin on classic American style. .
UmbaBox B4 eCommerce Umba is a social-selling platform for handmade goods. .
Unbisne B4 MX eCommerce Sofisticated e-commmerce of used clothing .
Uniko BX eCommerce .
Up All Night eCommerce Have the best night of your life. .
Upcraft Club B16 eCommerce Leading global source of digital hobby patterns .
Vango B12 eCommerce Buy Art and Sell Art with the Vango iOS App. Discover affordable original art and see it virtually hanging on your wall and buy it with included shipping. .
WalkerCo Seed eCommerce We make health and beauty simple for people of color. .
We Are Onyx eCommerce Tired of spending way too much on products that don't work for you? Girl, that's our cue. ONYXBOX is your Monthly Beauty Box curated FOR Brown Girls, BY Brown Girls. We find the best brands and products for your glo' up. -- iSLAY, youSLAY, w... .
WholeShare Seed eCommerce Online Marketplace for Sustainable Food / Whole Foods for the 99% .
Winc B5 eCommerce .
Wittlebee Seed eCommerce Wittlebee is a kids' clothing company offering custom packages based on a child’s age, color preferences, and geographic location. .
WorldShop Seed eCommerce Offers international buyers: Fair Prices, Free Shipping and a World Changing mission .
Your Superfoods Seed eCommerce Wir haben 7 funktionelle Superfood Mixe formuliert - fĂĽr mehr Energie, ein starkes Immunsystem, sowie die Extraportion Antioxidantien und Protein. .
Zappli Seed eCommerce .