500 Startups Education Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
ActivityHero B4 Education Marketplace to find and book kids camps and classes .
Almabase Education Empowering colleges to build thriving alumni fraternities .
Alpha Apps Seed Education Alpha Apps are a leading social and mobile app agency in the Middle East. They create value for clients and end user. .
Alumnify B13 Education Alumnify helps graduates build stronger alumni connections, establish new university communities, and create new job opportunities. .
Anyadir Education B7 Education Admission Table is a whatsApp for education that provides real-time counseling to help students reach their dream universities. .
Apptuto B14 Education Apptuto is an edtech startup providing a gamified social learning solution to students undertaking standardised exams. .
Avanoo B12 Education Avanoo provides training sessions that assists teams in shifting behavior and mindsets to enhance individual and organizational performance. .
Brilliant Seed Education Brilliant is a high-quality free online mathematics and science problem solving website for high aptitude students around the world. .
Caredox Seed Education CareDox delivers free health technology for K-12 public schools. We help school nurses deliver care and keep students safe. .
Chalkable B4 Education Chalkable is an app store and platform enabling schools to provide a better learning experience. . Exited
ChattingCat B13 Education ChattingCat is an online application that enables users to get their English writing checked by native speakers in real time. .
Check I'm Here Seed Education Check I’m Here gives universities and colleges the power to manage, track, assess, and engage students and organizations on campus. .
Cloud Academy B11 Education The best enterprise e-learning platform for cloud technologies including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and the DevOps ecosystem .
Coach Market B13 Education On demand career coaching marketplace. We empower everyone to take control of their careers. .
CodeUpStart B15 Education Code school for anyone who has an idea and want to build their own startup app. Learn to code by creating Real-life Startup projects .
CourseReport Seed Education Helping you research the best coding bootcamps .
CultureAlley B8 Education CultureAlley offers self-paced audio-visual lessons and interactive practice exercises online. .
Descomplica Seed Education Descomplica offers an educational platform that provides students with subject and course materials. .
Dojo Madness Seed Education Dojo Madness develops a set of tools that helps gamers to master their play. .
Easy Ten B16 Education Простое приложение для эффективного изучения английского языка! .
Edukart Seed Education EduKart is India’s leading education marketplace offering 2000+ degree, diploma, certificate, entrance coaching & K12 courses. .
ELSA Education ELSA is the world's best way to improve your English speaking skills. Pronounce English like an American through real-world conversations on ELSA. .
Epic! Seed Education Epic! is a digital library for children who are 12-years-old and under. .
eSpark B3 Education ESpark is a technology-based learning solution that offers educational apps for iPads. .
eTraining B1 MX Education Etraining is an online crowdsourced learning system that offers a wide range of training courses. .
Exploiter B5 MX Education They have an entire ecosystem for you to become a professional security computer completely from scratch .
Floqq B6 Education Floqq is the biggest marketplace for online video courses in Latin America .
Front Row Seed Education .
FullStack Academy Seed Education 17 Weeks To a Career in Software Development .
I3zif B8 Education في موقع إعزف نقوم بتعليم عزف الآلات الموسيقية من خلال فيديوهات عالية الجودة تتضمن مساعدات بصرية و كاميرات متعددة تسهل عملية تعليم الآلات المختلفة مثل العود و الجيتار و البيانو و الناي و القانون و الكمنجة و الطبلة و الغناء و تعليم عزف الأغاني المعروفة و... .
Já Entendi B8 Education Já Entendi offers a methodology capable of turning any training content such as books, manuals, and handouts into video lessons. .
Junior Explorers B14 Education Junior Explorers is a monthly subscription service that connect kids to wildlife and nature in a fun and engaging way. .
Kidblog Seed Education Kidblog provides teachers with blogging tools to help their students navigate safely through the online digital landscape. .
Kiko Labs Seed Education Kiko Labs creates adaptive games for kids based on neuroscience to challenge skills needed for academic success. .
KiteReaders B6 Education KiteReaders is the platform for publishers. .
Kodable Seed Education Kodable is a programming curriculum for elementary schools. .
Lamusiquita B5 MX Education The best way to learn music, online .
Lean Startup Machine Seed Education Learn Startup Machine offers an intensive three-day workshop that teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products. .
Lingokids B10 Education .
Linguatrip B13 Education LinguaTrip Book language courses and student accommodation worldwide. .
LocoMotive Labs Seed Education LocoMotive Labs develops assistive and play-based apps for children with special needs, encouraging them to be independent learners. .
Logic Roots Seed Education Logic Roots is a Jaipur based educational gaming startup company .
Magoosh Seed Education Magoosh is an online educational platform that teaches students through video explanations and lessons to help them prepare for exams. .
MakeSchool Seed Education MakeSchool is building a replacement for the computer science degree. .
Melodics Education Melodics is an educational service for learning how to finger drum, using adaptive learning and other data-driven approaches. .
MeMeTales B3 Education Memetales is a picture book platform for kids that enables publishers to easily add their books into mobile devices. .
Mindsnacks Seed Education MindSnacks develops multiplayer mobile learning games for learners of all ages. .
Mision Admision BX Education Mission Admission prepare for the entrance exam to the university simulators, videoblogs and exercises. .
Motion Math Seed Education Delightful games for elementary math's toughest concepts .
NoRedInk Seed Education NoRedInk is a web-based learning platform supporting students to improve their grammar and writing skills. .
nurseVersity B16 Education nurseVersity is an exam prep platform that offers adaptive learning material for nursing students. .
Omvana Seed Education Omvana Changes the Way You Live Life By Giving You Access to the World’s Best Library of Audios Designed to Help You Enhance Your Sleep, Meditation, Focus, Relaxation, Happiness, Career and Habits .
OnlineTyari Seed Education OnlineTyari is India's leading online platform providing complete solution for online preparation for different competitive exams .
PixOwl Seed Education Pixowl is working to build a big entertainment family brand on mobile. .
Platzi Seed Education Aprende desde cero a crear el futuro de la web. Cursos de Desarrollo, Diseño, Marketing, y Negocios. .
Quipper Seed Education Quipper provides quiz-based e-learning apps for iPhone and Android platforms. .
Qustn Seed Education SaaS based Learning & Engagement platform for remote stakeholders -- Available across the mobile and web, used by companies of all sizes. .
Red Tricycle Seed Education Red Tricycle is a digital media company that provides authoritative, localized content to its growing online community of busy urban moms .
Remind Seed Education Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. .
Runnable Seed Education Runnable builds, tests and runs full-stack environments for every branch to give developers feedback earlier in the development process. .
Sales Huddle Group B15 Education .
SchoolAdmissions B6 Education 2018-2019 Nursery Admissions Dates in Delhi Schools,Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad- Admission Forms, KG, Guidelines, Age, Points .
Smart Bites Seed Education OKpanda develops innovative digital products for learning English. .
Springboard Seed Education Springboard offers flexible, online courses in cutting-edge career paths such as data science, design, analytics, marketing and security. .
Sproutkin Seed Education Sproutkin is a subscription service for children's books allowing parents to receive shipments of new books on a regular basis. .
StudySoup B10 Education StudySoup is an exchange where students can upload or download class notes. .
Taamkru Seed Education Taamkru is well-known for its eponymous website and smartphone app. .
Tackl B16 Education Tackl is a smart university recruiting platform connecting students and new graduates with employers for exciting career opportunities. .
Tarefa Education Tarefa is Quora+Google for maths .
TeachStreet Seed Education TeachStreet is an online marketplace providing information about local and online classes and teachers. .
ThinkParametric BX Education ThinkParametric is an online platform that teaches in-demand skills for computational designers. .
Transtutors B16 Education Transtutors is an education portal offering online tutors to help users with their assignments in various subjects. .
Tynker Seed Education Tynker is a creative computing platform where millions of kids have learned to program and built games, apps and more. .
Udemy Seed Education Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. .
Uguru B10 Education Make peer-to-peer help available and affordable by making the connection easy for both sides. .
Veduca Seed Education .
YellowDig B12 Education Education Technology platform, SaaS. An online learning experience driven by peer collaboration, gamification, and data science. .