500 Startups Enterprise Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
99 minutos BX Enterprise The fastest shipping for online shopping .
Arka B16 Enterprise .
AuditFile Seed Enterprise AuditFile.com offers cloud-based auditing solutions for CPA firms. .
Aumet Enterprise Aumet allows medical manufacturers and distributors to connect and share hospital inquiries and business news with each other. .
AutoChilango BX Enterprise Solving the problems of drivers in Mexico city .
Backstartup Enterprise BackStartup are revolutionizing the way accounting and legal services are being provided to startups, micro and small enterprises. .
Baloonr Enterprise .
Betterworks Seed Enterprise Betterworks® aligns, develops and activates your workforce for business growth with Continuous Performance Management® programs. .
BIGcontrols Enterprise Blockchain platform for the global tax credit & incentive obligations between corporations & government agencies. .
Bizeebee Seed Enterprise BizeeBee is a membership management platform enabling entrepreneurs to track revenue and attendance, manage member relationships, and more. .
Bizimply London Enterprise Bizimply offers SaaS solutions for multi-unit operators in restaurant and retail industries. .
Boomerang Seed Enterprise Baydin .
Boxbee Seed Enterprise Boxbee pioneered On-Demand Storage in NYC and SF and was acquired in 2016. Our software now powers self-storage companies around the world. .
Boxc B6 Enterprise .
Buildcon B16 Enterprise Mobile and web platform for construction project management and collaboration .
Caplinked Seed Enterprise CapLinked offers a cloud-based platform for coordinating on asset sales, financings, mergers and acquisitions with secure workspaces. .
CargoBase Seed Enterprise Cargobase is the platform to manage and procure all Spot Buy freight across all freight modes from preselected Providers. .
Cashie Commerce Seed Enterprise The fastest way to create and run a successful online store. .
ChinaNetCloud Seed Enterprise ChinaNetCloud is china’s leading internet managed service provider. .
Chouxbox B11 Enterprise ChouxBox is an invoice transcription service for restaurants. .
Cirrus Identity B15 Enterprise Hosted identity solutions to manage user login so businesses can focus on core product and engage customers faster. .
Civica Digital Mexico Enterprise Desarrollamos herramientas digitales para fortalecer a la ciudadanĂ­a. Creadores de URBEM .
Cloudability Seed Enterprise Cloudability is a financial management tool for monitoring and analyzing cloud expenses across any organization. .
Cloud Admin B2 MX Enterprise Cloudadmins provides online inventory management services for small businesses and enterprises. .
Conta Azul B3 Enterprise ContaAzul is a Brazilian easy-to-use online platform for small businesses, helping organizing financial routines in one place .
CStorePro Seed Enterprise Modern back-office for retail operators .
Day2Life Seed Enterprise Day2Life is a Korean-based IT company that provides mobile scheduling and supply management solutions to the B2B and B2C markets. .
Driven Labs Seed Enterprise Driven Labs is a 500 Strong startup dedicated to modernizing automotive repair, one line of code at a time. .
DropShip Seed Enterprise DropShip Commerce is a SaaS solution that standardizes how enterprise retailers & suppliers connect & exchange data for drop shipping. .
Dropsuite Seed Enterprise Dropsuite is a software platform that enables small and medium enterprises to easily backup, recover and protect their digital assets. .
Easyship Seed Enterprise .
eCommHub Seed Enterprise SaaS B2B Omni-channel eCommerce Automation .
Empreware Seed Enterprise Empreware helps people to create business plans and execute them. We offer a business planning online application. .
EverBill B5 Enterprise everbill, a SaaS-based application, helps startups and SMEs create invoices and estimates, and share them with customers and suppliers. .
Evreka Enterprise Real time optimisation for waste collection systems by using IoT and M2M technologies .
ExpenseBot Seed Enterprise Automatic Expense Reports Powered by Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning .
Facturama BX Enterprise Facturama develops web technology and simplifies a company's billing process through consolidating receipts and reports. .
Fetchr Seed Enterprise Fetchr is an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company. .
FinCheck Enterprise Artificially Intelligent Financial Assistant - that magically does your Expense Reporting .
Flycrates Seed Enterprise .
GoSpotCheck Seed Enterprise GoSpotCheck develops web and mobile apps that help employees gather real-time retail intelligence information from the field. .
GymHit Enterprise GymHit is a proactive business management platform for fitness businesses that is introducing a virtual manager for worklfow automation. . Dead
HappyCo B4 Enterprise HappyCo is taking traditional paper based processes out of the dark ages. .
HappyFresh Seed Enterprise HappyFresh lets you shop all your favorite products from great grocery stores around the city at the tap of a button. .
HeavyConnect Enterprise HeavyConnect allows every farm to eliminate paper bottle necks, from food safety compliance to employee time & attendance .
Indemand B16 Enterprise Indemand is a white-label software solution enabling grocers and supermarkets to sell online and offer home delivery to their customers. With our end to end system, consumers can discover products on both mobile and web and get it delivered to them ... .
Ironclad Seed Enterprise Ironclad is the intelligent contract management system for in-house legal teams. .
KartRocket Seed Enterprise KartRocket help SME’s, manufacturers, creative people and service providers set up their brands online. .
Koemei B6 Enterprise Koemei is a 500Startups backed company that builds video search-as-a-service for website and apps, accessible through API and embed codes. . Exited
Leapcure Enterprise Leapcure offers tools for clinical trial patient recruitment, engagement, and retention. .
Lettuce Seed Enterprise Lettuce is an inventory and order management system that enables SMBs to capture, track, and process orders from multiple sales channels. .
Linte B12 Enterprise Cloud-based software for the Legal Services Industry .
Lucid Chart Seed Enterprise Lucid Software is focused on building graphical web applications that push the boundaries of what's possible in the browser. .
Mailstrom Seed Enterprise The smarter, faster way to clean out your inbox. Remove hundreds (or even thousands) of messages from your inbox all at once. You'll be amazed at how fast you can approach Inbox Zero! .
MakeLeaps Seed Enterprise MakeLeaps is online invoicing software .
mxHero Seed Enterprise mxHero develops software applications that enable users, service providers, and companies to manage and analyze their email accounts. .
MyDoorman B8 Enterprise Doorman provides package delivery, return pickup, and fulfillment services for online retailers and their customers. .
MyPermissions Seed Enterprise MyPermissions is an online privacy shield app that allows users to scan, manage and regain control of their social media content. .
Nubity BX Enterprise Monitoring and managed services for cloud. .
Ohmconnect B8 Enterprise Our electricity grid operates under the antiquated assumption that the only thing that can change is turning on and off power plants. .
Oneforty Seed Enterprise oneforty is a social business hub that provides buyers with guide for businesses. .
Onekloud Enterprise OneKloud is a cloud control platform for stopping Amazon Web Services (AWS) overspending before it happens. .
OnFarm Enterprise OnFarm creates seamless software, analytics, and APIs solutions from disparate agriculture data sources. . Exited
Ordoro Seed Enterprise Ordoro develops a web app for small-­and-medium-­sized e-­commerce retailers to manage their orders, inventory, and suppliers. .
Otherinbox Seed Enterprise OtherInbox is a company that builds technology to automatically organize emails enabling users to focus on messages based on their priority. .
Partender B7 Enterprise Partender: Bar inventory in 15 minutes. Save $1,200-$5,000 in time, labor, and reduced inventory loss. .
Paubox Enterprise Seamless encryption for HIPAA compliant email. .
PayrollHero Seed Enterprise PayrollHero is a startup aimed at streamlining payroll and time and attendance tracking for iOS devices. .
Peatix Seed Enterprise Peatix is a global event registration platform that provides organizers with the tools to create, promote, and sell out events. .
PlanGrid Seed Enterprise Simple, powerful construction software that GCs, subs, and owners love to use. .
Playbasis Seed Enterprise Social Engagement & Gamification .
Plot Enterprise .
Pluto AI Enterprise .
Qishidai Seed Enterprise Qishidai is a Mobile customer service and management platform. .
Qualio B16 Enterprise SaaS quality management platform for the global life sciences industry .
Quickli Seed Enterprise Quickli B2B On-demand Local Delivery Network. .
Regresa Pronto BX Enterprise Customer Experience for Brick & Mortar .
Remix Seed Enterprise .
Sajilni B14 Enterprise Sajilni is an event management and e-ticketing platform for the Middle East. .
Salido Seed Enterprise SALIDO is working with hospitality operators, developing a single platform for their restaurant operations. .
SendGrid Seed Enterprise SendGrid is a proven, cloud-based customer communication platform that drives engagement and business growth. .
Shippo B8 Enterprise Shippo helps businesses navigate the complexities of shipping .
Siftery B6 Enterprise Credii is a web platform for businesses to find, select and buy the right software and services for their needs. .
SocialTables Seed Enterprise Social Tables is a web-based event planning platform for hospitality, meeting and event professionals. .
Streem Seed Enterprise Streem offers unlimited cloud storage for you to store, stream, and share your media. .
Sunrise Seed Enterprise Sunrise is a free calendar app specifically designed to make your life easier. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Web. .
Ticketbox Seed Enterprise TicketBox is an online ticketing platform that helps event organizers in Vietnam and South East Asia to sell tickets. .
Timely Stockholm Enterprise Timely is an automatic time tracking app for freelancers and teams, developed by Memory.ai. .
Tradegecko Seed Enterprise TradeGecko is an inventory and order management platform for modern wholesale merchants .
Upguard Seed Enterprise UpGuard is a cyber resilience platform, designed to proactively assess and manage the business risks posed by technology. .
VaiVolta B11 Enterprise VaiVolta is an online platform that helps construction companies to rent and manage equipment and machines. .
Venzee BX Enterprise Versly integrates Microsoft Office applications and links content in documents, spreadsheets, presentations and email. .
Versly Seed Enterprise Versly integrates Microsoft Office applications and links content in documents, spreadsheets, presentations and email. .
Visor Seed Enterprise VISOR’s is marketplace for Financial Institutions, Corporations and Cloud Service Providers to access and transact with analyzed SMEs .
Vizalytics B10 Enterprise Vizalytics creates location-specific business intelligence from open and private data for enterprise, government, and institutional clients. .
Vonjour Seed Enterprise Vonjour is a Santa Monica based company with a mission of being the center of all customer conversations. .
Wamova Seed Enterprise .
Welcu B2 Enterprise Welcu develops tools to allow customers to organize events such as selling tickets and sending invitations. .
WiseCommerce Seed Enterprise Wiser is the leading provider of actionable online and in-store data for better decisions. .
WooMoo B6 Enterprise POPAPP is an app that transforms sketches into click-through prototypes. . Exited
WorkGenius B16 Enterprise Scheduling and support platform for hourly workers. . Dead
WorkLife Seed Enterprise Worklife is a web and mobile app that helps teams run highly productive, engaging meetings. .
YayPay Enterprise YayPay develops accounts receivable software that automates payment workflows. .
YesBoss Seed Enterprise .
Zowdow Seed Enterprise Find what you want quickly. Coming soon to a search box near you. .