500 Startups Fintech Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
37Coins Seed Fintech We are committed to making bitcoin easy, secure to use, and accessible to everyone. .
Aella Credit Fintech Aella Credit provides instant credit solutions to africans. .
Agfunder B12 Fintech AgFunder is an online venture capital platform investing in agrifood tech companies. .
Albert B16 Fintech .
AlphaFlow Seed Fintech AlphaFlow is a California registered investment adviser. .
Amicus Seed Fintech Amicus allows non-profit organizations to turn their supporters into advocates and fundraisers. .
Artivest Seed Fintech Artivest connects a wider audience of suitable investors with investment opportunities in top-quality private equity. .
AutoFi Seed Fintech AutoFi is a point of sale solution for financing a vehicle online .
Bankons Seed Fintech Bankons is a B2B service that enables financial institutions to create a mass of local offers and increase their mobile engagement. .
Beam Seed Fintech Together, We Change Banking .
BenRevo Fintech BenRevo helps insurance carriers automate their sales process by providing modern tools to their distribution channel. .
Billplz Seed Fintech Billplz - Fair payment software. .
BlueLeaf Seed Fintech Salesforce.com meets Mint.com for Wealth Managers .
Bridg Payment Solutions Seed Fintech An advanced consumer-to-merchant smartphone payment platform harnessing the power of bluetooth .
Bstow Fintech Bstow builds the most powerful and easily implemented tools for mobile fundraising. .
BTCJam B7 Fintech With $11 million dollars in loan volume and growing, BTCJam has served more than 100,000 users from over 200 countries. . Dead
Cardlife Fintech Cardlife allows its users to manage their SaaS subscriptions in one place. .
CardPlanet Solutions B11 Fintech CardPlanet Solutions develops and markets proprietary personal information solutions. .
Cashboard Seed Fintech Cashboard allows retail investors to invest in a personal tailored and scientifically diversified portfolio. .
ChangeCoin Seed Fintech ChangeCoin is a micropayment infrastructure for the Internet. .
ChangeJar Fintech ChangeJar mobile cash is improving the economics of 100+ billion annual small retail transactions .
Coinpip B11 Fintech CoinPips helps businesses send payments and payouts to remote workers using blockchain technology as a payment rail .
CommitChange Seed Fintech CommitChange allows nonprofits and donors to work together on a single platform to raise money more efficiently. .
Conekta BX Fintech Conekta is a service that allows users to send and receive money easily. .
CreditKarma Seed Fintech Credit Karma is a personal finance company that's focused on helping everyone make financial progress. .
Crowdfunder Seed Fintech Crowdfunder is the equity crowdfunding leader. .
Embroker Seed Fintech The easiest way to intelligently insure any business. .
Emburse Seed Fintech Emburse is an expense management platform that provides debit cards for business with unique expense and accounting challenges. .
EquityZen B7 Fintech EquityZen is a marketplace for investing in private tech companies backed by top-tier venture capital firms. .
Ethic B16 Fintech .
ExitRound Seed Fintech Exitround is a private marketplace for founders to discreetly explore strategic acquisition opportunities. .
Expansive Reality Fintech Expansive is a web platform that unites the financing needs of medium and small real estate developers with potential investors. .
Experiment Seed Fintech Experiment is an online community and a crowdfunding platform for scientific research. .
FeeFighters Seed Fintech FeeFighters enable users to compare credit card processing services. .
Flashratings B12 Fintech All analyst ratings and target prices. .
Float B16 Fintech .
Flywire Seed Fintech .
Freemit Seed Fintech Send, spend, and get money anywhere. .
Giftcard Zen Seed Fintech Giftcard Zen, which buys unwanted gift cards and sells them at a discount online. .
Givesurance B10 Fintech Helps people support the charities that matter to them by leveraging their choice of insurance provider. .
GoCoin Seed Fintech GoCoin develops a payment gateway for online and retail merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method. .
Gradible Seed Fintech Student Debt Repayment Alternative .
Gyft Seed Fintech gyft is a mobile gift card app that allows customers to buy, store, send and redeem gift cards conveniently from their mobile device. .
Hedgeye Seed Fintech Hedgeye Risk Management is a web-based financial research and media company providing investment information. .
Hello Bit B12 Fintech Hellobit is a platform that makes it easier and cheaper to send cash through a network of trusted exchangers worldwide. .
Hoodline Seed Fintech Hoodline powers hyperlocal content discovery across the US. .
iBillionaire B16 Fintech iBillionaire provides access to the investment data and strategies of the worldwide billionaires. .
iGrow B16 Fintech iGrow is a scalable organic farm that is funded by urban people from around the world. .
Indinero Seed Fintech inDinero develops software that assists its users in tracking and managing their finance. .
Indio Fintech Indio simplifies commercial insurance application process for business owners and their clients. .
Instamojo B5 Fintech India's largest on-demand payments platform for SMEs .
Investacrowd Seed Fintech InvestaCrowd is an online real estate investment platform offering members access to private mid-market real estate investment projects. .
INZMO Fintech INZMO is an advanced insurance platform creating value and enhancing the experience of insuring for all parties involved in key stages. .
KarmaLaunch Seed Fintech We are dedicated to providing tools and platforms to help good people build awareness, raise money, and promote goodness everywhere. .
Konfio BX Fintech Konfio is an online lending platform for small business loans .
Kudo Seed Fintech Kudo is an Indonesian startup technology company. .
LaunchTrack B7 Fintech LaunchTrack turns online payment data into actionable intelligence. .
Lenda B9 Fintech Honest home loans. Completely online. .
LittleFund Fintech Littlefund is a smart gifting and savings app for parents to build their child's financial journey with ease. .
Magnetis Seed Fintech Magnetis offers a one-stop digital solution for individuals to build long-term investment plans. .
Mashvisor Fintech Real Estate Investment Analytics .
Mass Exchange Seed Fintech MASS Exchange is the leading SSP for programmatic linear TV, providing buyers access to spot-level inventory via MASS Exchange marketplaces. .
Melotic Seed Fintech Melotic, Inc. is a cryptocurrency technology company founded in 2014 based in Hong Kong .
Mogul Seed Fintech Mogul is an all-inclusive technology platform and mobile app reaching across 196 countries and 30,470 cities. .
M-vendr B16 Fintech Prepaid digital product and financial services distribution solutions .
Neighbor.ly Seed Fintech Neighborly modernizes access to public finance, the multi-trillion dollar market that funds vital public projects. .
Paidy Seed Fintech Paidy allows consumers buy online quickly and safely and does not require a credit card or pre-registration. .
Pay By Group B3 Fintech Pay By Group is an checkout option on travel and retail e-commerce sites that lets friends and families split the cost and pay together. .
PeopleFund Seed Fintech .
Plum Fintech Plum Mobile is a cell phone company with 40 years of experience in the communication industry. We specialize in unlocked feature phones, smartphones, rugged phones and tablets, which can all be used with any GSM carrier, both in the United States and i... .
Pokkt Seed Fintech POKKT is an Alternate Mobile Payment Platform that helps owners of Paid Digital Goods and Services to monetise thier users through an .
PolicyPal Fintech .
Principly B14 Fintech The smart way to save for college. .
Qwil B16 Fintech Qwil - Instant Pay for Independent Contractors .
Ready For Zero Seed Fintech ReadyForZero creates online financial software for actively managing personal debt and credit. .
Realty Shares B7 Fintech Connecting capital to opportunity .
Regard Fintech Insurance retail as a service .
Rize B16 Fintech .
Rocket BX Fintech Connecting the right millennial with the best credit that they can afford .
ScoreData Fintech Help businesses deliver personalized customer experiences by ingesting diverse datasets with predictive learning .
Sellpad B4 MX Fintech Sellpad is the first point of sale wireless, cloud, and focused on restaurants in Latin America .
ShopGoMe Seed Fintech ShopGo is an eCommerce solution for merchants in emerging markets. .
Shoppable B3 Fintech Shoppable® is the leader in universal checkout technology and distributed commerce solutions for advertisers, publishers, and merchants. .
Simple Seed Fintech Simple is a web and mobile application that unifies various accounts into one accessible bank card.. .
StreamLoan Fintech StreamLoan is a SaaS/mobile collaboration and workflow platform, simplifying residential home purchases. .
SureBids Fintech Buy gift cards, egift cards & vouchers for birthdays, christmas, valentine & more from Nigeria's premier gifting website. Shop from top merchants like Jumia, Spar, Samsung in Nigeria. .
SwitchMe Seed Fintech SwitchMe is a consumer service that makes it easy for consumers to switch from one service to another. .
Thinknum B9 Fintech Thinknum is a web platform that allows investors to get data driven investment ideas by monitoring companies' websites. .
Toshl B4 Fintech Toshl helps you keep your finances in shape. .
TRDATA B6 Fintech TRDATA is a communication platform for financial professionals providing free access to real-time market data on Emerging Markets .
Trusted Insight Seed Fintech Trusted Insight is the leading Institutional Syndication Platform for Alternative Assets. Its members manage over $18 Trillion in AUM. .
Trym Fintech Trym provides micro business insurance. .
VisionX Fintech TaCerto.com is an online insurance broker that provides financial planning services to its customers. .
Vulcun Seed Fintech HiGear is a private car-sharing club for luxury and sports cars. .
WalletKit B5 Fintech WalletKit is a SaaS-based platform enabling businesses to design and deliver digital passes and tickets to mobile wallets. . Dead
YouStake B16 Fintech Marketplace for Fans to Invest in their Favorite Players .
ZipZap Seed Fintech ZipZap is a technology platform for moving money around the world. .