500 Startups Hardware Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
Alfred Labs B12 Hardware Alfred is a mobile app turning smartphones into surveillance cameras. .
Ambience Data Hardware Ambience Data provide the most accurate, detailed, up to date and local air quality data to people, communities and organizations. .
Andromium Hardware .
AngelCam B9 Hardware Angelcam is an online platform that offers cloud-based surveillance cameras. .
ArrowPass B16 Hardware ArrowPass is an NFC-based secure gate control and cashless closed-loop payment solution for events. .
Artiphon Seed Hardware Play any musical instrument on a single device. .
Astroprint B11 Hardware AstroPrint operates as a cloud platform for desktop 3D printing. .
Autonomous B7 Hardware Do X? There is a shortcut for that. .
Avegant Seed Hardware Avegant is developing next-generation display technology to enable previously impossible augmented reality experiences. .
Bigfinite B16 Hardware Providing simple solutions to complex needs in biotech and pharma. .
BioBots Seed Hardware https://twitter.com/biobots .
BioFab B5 MX Hardware BioFab is a biotechnology company that provides printing services prosthesis, tissues, and organs. .
Cambrian Genomics Seed Hardware Cambrian Genomics is a biotechnology company which uses a novel, laser based technique to synthesize DNA. .
Cesanta Seed Hardware Cesanta is a software engineering company focused around connected products and Internet of Things. .
Chromatik Seed Hardware Chromatik builds products for musicians to learn, play, and share the music they love. .
Cognuse B16 Hardware Cognuse enables continuum of care for neurological and cardio respiratory conditions. .
Creopop Seed Hardware CreoPop is the world's first 3D pen with cool ink. Unlike other 3D pens there are no hot parts or melting plastic. .
Dverse Seed Hardware DVERSE Incは次世代の没入型3Dコンテンツ・プラットフォームを開発するテクノロジー企業です。 .
Enplug Seed Hardware Enplug is a software company that built the first open platform for digital displays everywhere. .
Evoz Seed Hardware Evoz is an app that enables parents to monitor their babies by using their iOS devices from anywhere in the world. .
Fingertips Lab Hardware Fingertips Lab has created an exciting new way of interacting with mobile applications .
Firefly Space Systems Seed Hardware FireFly is a ground-based small satellite launch company aiming to serve the >1,000kg to Low Earth Orbit market. .
Gazehawk Seed Hardware GazeHawk provides users with professional eye-tracking services using webcams in their own homes. .
Grillo B4 MX Hardware Grillo is developing a revolutionary new way of detecting earthquakes & delivering notifications to vulnerable people around the world. .
GymTrack B10 Hardware GYMTRACK allows gym members to automatically track all of their workouts, receive auditory feedback. .
Huinno Seed Hardware Combining the wearables tech and AI-based analytics to prevent chronic cardiac diseases including arrhythmia, stroke, and hypertension .
Hykso Hardware On-demand boxing and HIIT workouts and motion sensors on your wrists that track every punch thrown and every rep completed. .
IMRSV Seed Hardware A new way to measure the world. Software that turns any webcam into an intelligent sensor. .
Infostellar Hardware Infostellar is a space communication infrastructure firm. .
Ingu Solutions B16 Hardware .
Instabeat Seed Hardware We are building a connected accessory for swimming goggles that captures real-time heart rate, stroke type, and laps. Instant heart rate information is fed into the swimmers' eyes and presented in a mobile app. .
Iron Drone B2 MX Hardware Iron Drone is a visionary company developing and selling telepresence technology. .
Ivee B12 Hardware Ivee is a Wi-Fi voice-activated assistant that can answer questions, respond to commands, and connect to many smart home devices. .
Jewelbots B17 Hardware Smart jewelry for a smarter generation .
Karma Seed Hardware Karma Go gets you online anywhere you are, with data options for consistent and occasional use. .
Makerbot Seed Hardware MakerBot Industries creates open source 3D printers. .
Maker.me Seed Hardware Your Content. Elevated. .
Meshcrafts Seed Hardware Meshcrafts AS is a Norwegian start-up specializing in Smart Urban Mobility. .
Nativetap.io B11 Hardware .
Neutun B16 Hardware Neutun is novel tracking software for epileptics through smartwatches and wearables. .
NinjaBlocks Seed Hardware Ninja Blocks is an open-source home automation system that allows users to connect a variety of sensors to the internet. .
Nomiku Seed Hardware Nomiku creates tools that enable everyone to cook the best food possible. Creator of the smallest and most powerful sous vide devices. .
Nuve Seed Hardware Nuve, a technology company, develops and delivers asset management and fraud prevention solutions. .
Nuvelar BX Hardware Digital Signage Software and Content Solutions .
OhmniLabs Seed Hardware OhmniLabs building robots that improve everyday lives. .
Pantry Seed Hardware Pantry provides instant access to fresh food through a network of swipe, grab and go kiosks. Always fresh. Always open. .
PayClip Seed Hardware Clip is an App that allows any merchant or person to accept all payment methods .
Penrose Studios Seed Hardware Penrose is a group of artists, engineers and storytellers pushing the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality. .
Piper B15 Hardware Piper is a Raspberry Pi computer kit to learn engineering .
Plugger B12 Hardware On-demand battery swapping & portable chargers. .
Powercore Seed Hardware PowerCore provides Brands with the ability to gain valuable first-party client data with web-based digital solutions. .
Prynt Hardware Prynt is the next generation of instant camera for iPhone and Android. Plug in your phone, shoot, and print! Pre-order now at http://www.pryntcases.com .
Rachio Seed Hardware Rachio is a technology company offering a smart irrigation controller with cloud-based software and web-based dashboards. .
Realiteer Seed Hardware REALITEER develops immersive and evidence-based programs in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). .
Riide B16 Hardware Riide provides consumers with subscription-based electric bike ownership. .
Roam and Wander B8 Hardware R+W is a software creation studio. .
Rover B10 Hardware Rover iBeacon platform helps retailers deliver a better customer experience by transforming their mobile apps. .
Snips Seed Hardware Snips is a decentralized, private by design voice assistant and platform. .
Sparkia B4 MX Hardware In-store analytics. .
Superhuman Labs Seed Hardware .
tagMonkey B16 Hardware .
Tappur B11 Hardware .
Timbuktu B4 Hardware Timbuktu Labs develops an educational application that enables children to play games, read news, and view beautiful pictures. .
Transcriptic Seed Hardware Transcriptic is a SaaS-based biotechnology company providing robotic solutions for biology labs. .
Ubooly Seed Hardware Ubooly offers an interactive, educational soft toy for children that can be controlled through iOS devices. .
Volta Industries Seed Hardware Volta designs, installs and maintains a network of free electric vehicle charging stations funded by sponsor brands. .
Whill B6 Hardware WHILL designs and creates personal mobility products. .
Wivity B17 Hardware Secure your IoT device with one line of code .
ZBoard B7 Hardware ZBoard produces boards that eschew a controller and can be operated by sensors in the board itself. .