500 Startups HR and Recruiting Companies

Name Batch Category Description Status
15Five Seed HR and Recruiting 15Five develops cloud-based software designed to help employees grow and develop. .
Allay Seed HR and Recruiting Allay, a better way to deal with HR admin and employee benefits. .
Blueboard B12 HR and Recruiting Blueboard is a rewards platform that allows companies to reward their employees through a range of activities and experiences. .
Comparably Seed HR and Recruiting Comparably, a platform that provides culture & compensation data for public and private companies. .
Cooleaf B15 HR and Recruiting Cooleaf helps customers achieve better business results through a data-driven approach to employer branding and employee engagement. .
Coursebase Seed HR and Recruiting .
DailyMuse Seed HR and Recruiting The Muse is the most trusted destination for your career, helping over 50 million people every year find jobs & succeed in their careers. .
DesignInc Seed HR and Recruiting Design is a marketplace where people can obtain high quality design work, on demand, from the best design talent in the world. .
Emprego Ligado Seed HR and Recruiting A Emprego Ligado oferece vagas de emprego totalmente grátis e perto da sua casa. .
Firstjob.me BX HR and Recruiting Connects Students and Recend Graduates with Interns and Entry-Level Jobs in Latin America .
Get Lighthouse HR and Recruiting Lighthouse is software that makes better managers. .
Getlinks B15 HR and Recruiting GetLinks is a tech talent network in Asia. .
Glints Seed HR and Recruiting Glints. We build career readiness for youths through internships and skill certifications, and help employers hire more efficiently. .
Gnowbe HR and Recruiting Gnowbe is a leading mobile 1st, micro-learning solution designed for enterprise. .
Gogohire B12 HR and Recruiting Tech Sales Jobs. It's Our Focus. Sign up on Gogohire and we will create a profile for you. .
Hacker Earth Seed HR and Recruiting HackerEarth helps its clients hire great programmers, the smart way. .
HireArt Seed HR and Recruiting HireArt is an online recruitment platform, engaged in the pre-screening process for suitable job seekers by creating online interviews. .
Incluyeme.com BX HR and Recruiting Incluyeme.com is the first job portal aimed to help people with disabilities in Latin America (more than 30 million people) to find a job. .
Internmatch Seed HR and Recruiting LookSharp helps every student launch their career .
Job Pal Seed HR and Recruiting .
KolayIK HR and Recruiting Kolay İK is a SaaS company that provides human resources and personnel management systems. .
Peoplise HR and Recruiting Peoplise offers cloud HR services which provide an integrated and video enabled digital platform for all recruitment needs. .
Perkhub Seed HR and Recruiting Rewardii is a web app that enables small businesses to save money by forming buying groups within their social graph. .
ProSky B11 HR and Recruiting Innovatively evaluate candidates for hire and develop employees through succession pathways on one comprehensive platform. .
Proven Seed HR and Recruiting Proven is a leading hiring tool for small businesses. .
Qimple B12 HR and Recruiting .
Resource B16 HR and Recruiting .
RippleHire Seed HR and Recruiting RippleHire is a gamified employee referral product that automates sourcing and helps hire great talent. .
RolePoint Seed HR and Recruiting Re-imagining talent acquisition for the enterprise. RolePoint are building software that is changing the way talent is sourced. .
Sheroes Seed HR and Recruiting .
SocialDice Seed HR and Recruiting SocialDice is an innovative hiring solution that makes hiring easy, smart and fun tailored for SMEs in the Middle East & North Africa. .
Souktel HR and Recruiting Souktel designs and delivers mobile phone services that link people with jobs and connect aid agencies with communities who need help. .
Switch Seed HR and Recruiting Switch is a swipe-to-apply, addictively simple job matching app. .
WePow B2 HR and Recruiting Wepow’s video interviewing & engagement platform helps organizations reduce the time & cost of screening and hiring quality talent at scale. .
WorkAmerica B16 HR and Recruiting Recruiting marketplace for job seekers and employers in the skilled trades with quality assurance. .
Wuzzuf B8 HR and Recruiting Wuzzuf is an online marketplace that connects jobseekers with employers in Egypt. .
Zenjob HR and Recruiting Zenjob is an automated, data-driven, full-service staffing platform. .