Top 100 500 Startups Companies by

For companies who have had an exit, the value of the transaction in USD, which may come from published reports/articles, from the companies, or from guesswork. Source: Seed-DB.

Chart Exit Value for All Companies Chart Exit Value vs. Other Metrics
Rank Name Batch Category Description Exit Value
1 PlanGrid Seed Enterprise Simple, powerful construction software that GCs, subs, and owners love to use. $875.0m
2 Zencoder Seed Dev Tools Zencoder is web-based video encoding SaaS, designed to convert any video into web and mobile-compatible formats in real-time. $30.0m
3 Rapportive Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Rapportive is an email add-on that displays social media info about contacts inside the users’ inbox. $15.0m
4 Chalkable B4 Education Chalkable is an app store and platform enabling schools to provide a better learning experience. $10.0m
5 BrightNest B3 Real Estate and Retail BrightNest provides homeowners with tips and tools to shape up their homes. $6.3m
6 Backtype Seed Marketing and Sales Tools BackType is a marketing intelligence platform that helps brands and agencies understand the business impact of social media. $5.0m
7 Punchd Seed Real Estate and Retail Punchd is a mobile application facilitating mobile phone-enabled loyalty cards for businesses providing reward points for their customers. $5.0m
8 Gazehawk Seed Hardware GazeHawk provides users with professional eye-tracking services using webcams in their own homes. $2.0m
9 Mattermark Seed AI and ML Mattermark is a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative start-ups. $1.0m