Top 100 500 Startups Companies by

Number of Product Hunt posts associated with the company's main domain. If there is more than one post, the one with the highest number of upvotes is used. Source: Product Hunt.

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Rank Name Batch Category Description Product Hunt Votes
1 DesignInc Seed HR and Recruiting Design is a marketplace where people can obtain high quality design work, on demand, from the best design talent in the world. 1,727
2 Statsbot AI and ML Statsbot is a Business Intelligent assistant to explore data and get analytical insights 1,597
3 Intercom B3 Dev Tools Intercom Communications is a company that provides communication products for businesses. 1,371
4 Canva Seed Content Canva facilitates graphic design by providing a drag-and-drop design tool and a library of stock photographs, graphic elements, and fonts. 1,276
5 Mattermark Seed AI and ML Mattermark is a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative start-ups. 1,129
6 ManyChat B16 Social and Collaboration ManyChat helps businesses do marketing, sales and support through Facebook Messenger. 1,124
7 Timely Stockholm Enterprise Timely is an automatic time tracking app for freelancers and teams, developed by 959
8 Snips Seed Hardware Snips is a decentralized, private by design voice assistant and platform. 929
9 Dollar Beard Club Seed eCommerce Dollar Beard Club sells high quality beard care products at wholesale prices on a subscription basis. 864
10 Seed Fintech Neighborly modernizes access to public finance, the multi-trillion dollar market that funds vital public projects. 852
11 Shelf Seed eCommerce Discover great products with people who actually use them. 749
12 Cardlife Fintech Cardlife allows its users to manage their SaaS subscriptions in one place. 738
13 15Five Seed HR and Recruiting 15Five develops cloud-based software designed to help employees grow and develop. 731
14 PlateJoy B7 Services Discover your healthiest self - Personalized nutrition programs designed for your unique health goals 724
15 Nuzzel Seed Social and Collaboration Next-generation news monitoring and research tool for PR professionals, investors, marketers, sales people, lawyers, and business owners. 709
16 MURAL Seed Social and Collaboration Mural offers web interface solutions. 674
17 Sunrise Seed Enterprise Sunrise is a free calendar app specifically designed to make your life easier. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Web. 663
18 RapidAPI B16 Dev Tools RapidAPI is the world’s largest API marketplace. 625
19 Algolia Seed Dev Tools Algolia's hosted search API helps product builders create lightning-fast, highly relevant search to connect their users with what matters. 601
20 Get Lighthouse HR and Recruiting Lighthouse is software that makes better managers. 590
21 MojiLala eCommerce MojiLaLa is an emoji marketplace for independent artists and studios from around the world. 552
22 Karma Seed Hardware Karma Go gets you online anywhere you are, with data options for consistent and occasional use. 543
23 MyDoorman B8 Enterprise Doorman provides package delivery, return pickup, and fulfillment services for online retailers and their customers. 543
24 ContenTools B12 Marketing and Sales Tools Contentools is a all-in-one Content Marketing Platform for growing businesses. 526
25 CircleCI Seed Dev Tools CircleCI provides software teams the confidence to build, test, and deploy across numerous platforms. 491
26 Wiselike B12 Social and Collaboration The Q&A Platform For Professionals 479
27 WorkLife Seed Enterprise Worklife is a web and mobile app that helps teams run highly productive, engaging meetings. 477
28 Speedlancer B12 Services Speedlancer is a freelance platform that enables users to sell or purchase professionals skills in content creation, marketing, and design. 476
29 Transtutors B16 Education Transtutors is an education portal offering online tutors to help users with their assignments in various subjects. 473
30 Tagove Marketing and Sales Tools Live chat software for website and mobile apps with Video chat, Remote co browsing, Chatbots and Profile management tools. 470
31 YayPay Enterprise YayPay develops accounts receivable software that automates payment workflows. 462
32 YesGraph Seed Dev Tools YesGraph can boost your company's growth with high-performance invite and referral flows. 455
33 UXCam B10 AI and ML Allows users to eliminate customer struggle and improve user experience by capturing and visualizing screen video and user interaction data. 438
34 MakeSchool Seed Education MakeSchool is building a replacement for the computer science degree. 435
35 Healthcare is building a shame-free space by offering pleasure education through live streaming and moderated chat. 412
36 CodeMentor Seed Services Codementor is an online marketplace connecting developers with experts for on-demand 1:1 help via screen sharing, video, and text chat. 398
37 CraftCoffee Seed eCommerce Craft Coffee is building a better way to buy coffee. Brew better coffee at home, while paying grocery store prices! 391
38 Botanalytics AI and ML Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool for bots, helping bot makers to improve human-to-bot communication. 379
39 Albert B16 Fintech 368
40 MoonFruit Seed Dev Tools Moonfruit is a site builder that offers design software to help users build websites and online shops. 352
41 Sunshine B12 Services ShareON is an easy and powerful application that is great for sharing photos and videos with friends or family. 345
42 Comparably Seed HR and Recruiting Comparably, a platform that provides culture & compensation data for public and private companies. 338
43 Aircall Seed Dev Tools Aircall is an advanced call center software, complete business phone and contact center 100% natively integrated in any CRM. 337
44 LaunchDarkly Seed Dev Tools LaunchDarkly is a Feature Management Platform that serves over 30 billion feature flags daily to help teams build better software, faster. 324
45 Raur Seed Content RAUR is a web-based social publishing platform for podcasts. 320
46 Her Seed Social and Collaboration Her is a dating application for lesbians, bisexual and bi-curious women, allowing users to connect with each other and their community. 316
47 Burner Seed Social and Collaboration Burner is a mobile application and service that enables users to obtain temporary, disposable numbers for voice and SMS communication. 310
48 ExpenseBot Seed Enterprise Automatic Expense Reports Powered by Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning 307
49 Springboard Seed Education Springboard offers flexible, online courses in cutting-edge career paths such as data science, design, analytics, marketing and security. 298
50 Baloonr Enterprise 295
51 Ader B16 Marketing and Sales Tools Ader helps brands sponsor eSports Influencers on Twitch. 289
52 AlphaFlow Seed Fintech AlphaFlow is a California registered investment adviser. 281
53 Baker Technologies B14 Services We make smart products to help the best dispensaries keep their customers happy and loyal. 279
54 Doughbies B11 eCommerce Freshly baked goods delivered when you want them. On Demand and Same Day in San Francisco and Next Day Delivery Nationwide. 271
55 Jewelbots B17 Hardware Smart jewelry for a smarter generation 269
56 GymTrack B10 Hardware GYMTRACK allows gym members to automatically track all of their workouts, receive auditory feedback. 263
57 Boatbound B3 Services Boatbound is a fully insured “pier-to-pier” marketplace for boat rentals in the U.S. 263
58 Sentry Seed Dev Tools 261
59 Fitocracy B3 Healthcare Fitocracy is an online fitness community offering games and social networking tools that help members improve their fitness. 249
60 ProSky B11 HR and Recruiting Innovatively evaluate candidates for hire and develop employees through succession pathways on one comprehensive platform. 240
61 Prynt Hardware Prynt is the next generation of instant camera for iPhone and Android. Plug in your phone, shoot, and print! Pre-order now at 239
62 HeadOut B11 Travel Tech Headout is an on-demand mobile concierge helping travelers book the best local experiences for the next 24 hours at discounted prices. 235
63 Seed Marketing and Sales Tools is the First-Of-Its-Kind solution to help mobile developers to solve the uninstall mystery. 234
64 Greentoe Seed eCommerce Greentoe is a name your price marketplace bringing market pricing to retail. 234
65 Alfred Labs B12 Hardware Alfred is a mobile app turning smartphones into surveillance cameras. 233
66 Andy OS Seed Dev Tools An Android operating system for PC and Cloud 223
67 Pawprint Healthcare Pawprint is a pet management app complete with official electronic health records direct from a vet, for free. 221
68 SpotHero Seed Services SpotHero is the parking reservation platform, with 20 million+ cars parked and the largest network of connected parking facilities. 220
69 BarkBox Seed eCommerce Barkbox is a subscription-based e-commerce and content company for dog lovers. 216
70 UseTrace Dev Tools Usetrace develops test automation solutions for web applications. 213
71 Neutun B16 Hardware Neutun is novel tracking software for epileptics through smartwatches and wearables. 211
72 Mapjam B14 Content 210
73 PredictionIO B8 AI and ML Open source machine learning server 205
74 Rapportive Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Rapportive is an email add-on that displays social media info about contacts inside the users’ inbox. 204
75 SoundBetter B8 Services Marketplace for music production 203
76 HostTonight Real Estate and Retail Airbnb Listing Management Services 201
77 Pijon B8 Marketing and Sales Tools Pijon is a NYC-based technology company that specializes in sending college students monthly care packages filled with awesome products 199
78 Iconfinder B5 Services Iconfinder is a search engine and marketplace for icons for web developers. 199
79 Tapastic Seed Content 196
80 Survmetrics B9 Marketing and Sales Tools Survmetrics enables its users to create surveys with an improved user experience and higher response rates. 194
81 Sickweather Healthcare Online Social Health Network, Sickness Forecasting & Mapping 193
82 Coinpip B11 Fintech CoinPips helps businesses send payments and payouts to remote workers using blockchain technology as a payment rail 190
83 Mountary B11 Services Mountary offers affordable, high quality custom frames because we know that it's our simple expressions that make us who we are. 189
84 Cloudpeeps Seed Services CloudPeeps is an all-in-one platform, marketplace and community that empowers freelancers and businesses to do their best work. 189
85 RingCaptcha B13 Dev Tools RingCaptcha provides SMS and voice verification services, as well as SMS traffic analytics, monitoring and anti-fraud protection. 188
86 Junior Explorers B14 Education Junior Explorers is a monthly subscription service that connect kids to wildlife and nature in a fun and engaging way. 187
87 Giftcard Zen Seed Fintech Giftcard Zen, which buys unwanted gift cards and sells them at a discount online. 187
88 Roost B12 Real Estate and Retail Roost is a solution provider for parking and storage. 184
89 Avegant Seed Hardware Avegant is developing next-generation display technology to enable previously impossible augmented reality experiences. 183
90 Privy B5 Marketing and Sales Tools Privy's email list growth platform enables retail marketers to rapidly grow their lists and track online or offline sales. 183
91 YogaTrail B10 Services A global yoga network that connect yoga practitioners with their instructors and studios 180
92 Shippo B8 Enterprise Shippo helps businesses navigate the complexities of shipping 177
93 Hinge Seed Social and Collaboration Hinge is a social discovery network helping users meet new people through application. 176
94 Famebit B8 Marketing and Sales Tools Fame Bit is a YouTube marketing platform where brands collaborate with YouTube influencers and create videos. 176
95 Hykso Hardware On-demand boxing and HIIT workouts and motion sensors on your wrists that track every punch thrown and every rep completed. 174
96 Airpair Seed Services AirPair is a consultation development company that provides development resources and helps businesses finish projects. 170
97 DailyMuse Seed HR and Recruiting The Muse is the most trusted destination for your career, helping over 50 million people every year find jobs & succeed in their careers. 170
98 All Trails Seed Travel Tech AllTrails is a community of 9 million hikers, campers and mountain bikers who share a passion about the outdoors. 167
99 Abbeypost B9 eCommerce Software-driven custom apparel that fits every woman's shape and size. 166
100 Partender B7 Enterprise Partender: Bar inventory in 15 minutes. Save $1,200-$5,000 in time, labor, and reduced inventory loss. 165