Top 100 500 Startups Companies by

Number of followers of company Twitter account. Source: Twitter.

Chart Twitter Followers for All Companies Chart Twitter Followers vs. Other Metrics
Rank Name Batch Category Description Twitter Followers
1 9GAG B2 Content 9GAG.TV is a website that features user-generated videos under various categories. 14,709,815
2 Lumific B9 Content Lumific is a photo editing and photo curation software. 2,251,635
3 ColourLovers Seed Content COLOURlovers is a creative community enabling users to discuss trends, explore articles and share user-generated colors, palettes, patterns. 1,671,931
4 Autonomous B7 Hardware Do X? There is a shortcut for that. 1,062,598
5 Behance Seed Services Behance is an online platform that enables creative professionals to showcase and discover creative work via online portfolios. 832,637
6 Shots Mobile Seed Social and Collaboration Shots Studios is a Los Angeles-based, data-driven entertainment company that produces online comedy and music videos. 801,995
7 Viki Seed Content Brings global prime-time entertainment to new audiences and unlocks new markets and revenue opportunities for content owners. 359,343
8 BarkBox Seed eCommerce Barkbox is a subscription-based e-commerce and content company for dog lovers. 310,147
9 Foodspotting Seed Real Estate and Retail Foodspotting is a community-driven dish discovery app that allows individuals to find, share and recommend food dishes. 302,315
10 StackSocial Seed eCommerce StackSocial is a platform to discover, share, and buy trending tech. Apps + gear to make you better, faster, more awesome. 243,941
11 Descomplica Seed Education Descomplica offers an educational platform that provides students with subject and course materials. 237,438
12 Shareaholic Seed Marketing and Sales Tools The world's leading all-in-one Content Amplification Platform that helps grow your website traffic, engagement, conversions & monetization. 213,698
13 CultureMap Seed Content CultureMap is a local digital lifestyle brand leveraging technology to engage with more than 3 million users each month. 187,869
14 Udemy Seed Education Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. 170,572
15 Makerbot Seed Hardware MakerBot Industries creates open source 3D printers. 152,605
16 Bukalapak Seed eCommerce Bukalapak is an e-commerce company that sells a diverse range of products. 143,832
17 FabFitFun Seed eCommerce FabFitFun inspires happiness through discovery. 134,365
18 DailyMuse Seed HR and Recruiting The Muse is the most trusted destination for your career, helping over 50 million people every year find jobs & succeed in their careers. 129,711
19 Visually Seed Services Visually is the content creation platform that enables businesses to connect with their audiences through premium visual content 129,259
20 Jamalon Seed eCommerce Jamalon is an online bookstore in the Middle East offering Arabic and English titles with home delivery and customized payment methods. 114,350
21 Canva Seed Content Canva facilitates graphic design by providing a drag-and-drop design tool and a library of stock photographs, graphic elements, and fonts. 112,987
22 Platzi Seed Education Aprende desde cero a crear el futuro de la web. Cursos de Desarrollo, Diseño, Marketing, y Negocios. 93,098
23 Tokyo Otaku Mode B4 Social and Collaboration Tokyo Otaku Mode delivers the latest news on Japanese anime, manga, games, and more through its Facebook page. 89,824
24 Bustle Seed Content Bustle Digital Group is a news, entertainment, lifestyle and fashion website that caters to women. 88,468
25 GitLab Seed Dev Tools GitLab is a web-based Git-repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking and CI/CD pipeline features, using an open-source license, developed by GitLab Inc. 84,331
26 Unbounce Seed Dev Tools Build high-converting landing pages and popups for your marketing campaigns, without the need for developers. 79,620
27 CalzaClick BX eCommerce World's largest online community for Shoe fashionistas 77,246
28 Lean Startup Machine Seed Education Learn Startup Machine offers an intensive three-day workshop that teaches entrepreneurs and innovators how to build disruptive products. 75,973
29 Promolta B10 Marketing and Sales Tools A self service advertising platform to promote videos in targeted blogs, websites, mobile apps, games and social networks. 70,428
30 Crowdfunder Seed Fintech Crowdfunder is the equity crowdfunding leader. 70,396
31 Contently Seed Social and Collaboration Contently helps companies build loyal audiences by managing the workflow of premium content at scale. 69,329
32 MeUndies Seed eCommerce Feel Good Underwear for Men and Women 67,876
33 Sunrise Seed Enterprise Sunrise is a free calendar app specifically designed to make your life easier. Available on Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac & Web. 67,582
34 Twilio Seed Dev Tools Twilio is a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP, and SMS apps via a web API. 65,198
35 MexicoDestinos BX Travel Tech Agencia de viajes online de CancĂșn con paquetes para cada tipo de viaje, nuevo estilo en agencias de viajes MĂ©xico: Ofertas hoteles, vacaciones con pagos flexibles 63,978
36 medico Seed Healthcare Trusted news service for physicians providing a clinical perspective on the breaking medical news that their patients are reading. 60,083
37 Smule Seed Content Smule develops music-making apps that connect people. 56,841
38 Wildfire Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Wildfire is a provider of enterprise social media marketing software. 54,900
39 Simple Seed Fintech Simple is a web and mobile application that unifies various accounts into one accessible bank card.. 47,791
40 Oximity Seed Services Oximity is a new mechanism to originate, distribute, and consume News. 44,272
41 YogaTrail B10 Services A global yoga network that connect yoga practitioners with their instructors and studios 40,783
42 Hedgeye Seed Fintech Hedgeye Risk Management is a web-based financial research and media company providing investment information. 40,734
43 Remind Seed Education Remind is a communication platform that helps every student succeed. 40,640
44 CircleCI Seed Dev Tools CircleCI provides software teams the confidence to build, test, and deploy across numerous platforms. 38,398
45 Intercom B3 Dev Tools Intercom Communications is a company that provides communication products for businesses. 36,443
46 CreditKarma Seed Fintech Credit Karma is a personal finance company that's focused on helping everyone make financial progress. 33,978
47 uBiome B7 AI and ML uBiome is a citizen science startup that sequences the human microbiome. 33,000
48 Mattermark Seed AI and ML Mattermark is a data platform for venture capital companies to quantify signals of growing and potentially lucrative start-ups. 32,824
49 TaskRabbit Seed Services TaskRabbit is a platform that matches up users with help on furniture assembly, moving, and other handyman services. 32,823
50 UWisio B2 MX Content Todo sobre boxeo, las mejores noticias, historias, vĂ­deos e informaciĂłn sobre las prĂłximas peleas 32,075
51 Dealflicks B5 eCommerce Dealflicks provides movie tickets and concessions for discounted prices, helping theaters fill their empty seats. 30,990
52 Seed Dev Tools User-facing metrics. 30,109
53 ScentBird Seed eCommerce Scentbird enables its users to choose and get supply of sample designer fragrances on a monthly basis before buying them. 28,700
54 Styleseat Seed Services StyleSeat is an online destination that connects beauty and wellness professionals with clients. 27,253
55 Iconfinder B5 Services Iconfinder is a search engine and marketplace for icons for web developers. 26,853
56 Seed Content is a new digital publication dedicated to covering the European technology industry in depth. 26,077
57 GoCoin Seed Fintech GoCoin develops a payment gateway for online and retail merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method. 25,591
58 Mogul Seed Fintech Mogul is an all-inclusive technology platform and mobile app reaching across 196 countries and 30,470 cities. 25,527
59 LoveWithFood B3 eCommerce Love With Food is a marketing and market research platform for CPG food brands. 25,078
60 Agfunder B12 Fintech AgFunder is an online venture capital platform investing in agrifood tech companies. 24,837
61 Kollecto B13 eCommerce Find your next favorite artist. Discover new artworks every week. Curate and share artwork you love. 24,683
62 Greentoe Seed eCommerce Greentoe is a name your price marketplace bringing market pricing to retail. 23,977
63 B11 Social and Collaboration Connected2Me is a free-to-use web service that enables users to anonymously chat with others. 22,525
64 CodeMentor Seed Services Codementor is an online marketplace connecting developers with experts for on-demand 1:1 help via screen sharing, video, and text chat. 22,127
65 TeliportMe B4 Travel Tech Social Network for Immersive experiences. 21,655
66 SendGrid Seed Enterprise SendGrid is a proven, cloud-based customer communication platform that drives engagement and business growth. 21,359
67 Red Tricycle Seed Education Red Tricycle is a digital media company that provides authoritative, localized content to its growing online community of busy urban moms 20,593
68 MoonFruit Seed Dev Tools Moonfruit is a site builder that offers design software to help users build websites and online shops. 20,500
69 Unikrn Seed Content is an eSports wagering service provide a safe and legal place to gather, game, and bet on eSports. 20,159
70 Tamatem B6 Content Tamatem is a mobile games publisher in the Arabic speaking market. 20,078
71 Piper B15 Hardware Piper is a Raspberry Pi computer kit to learn engineering 19,879
72 Thinglink Seed Dev Tools ThingLink makes it easy to embed notes, links, and call to action options to visual media. 2.5 million content creators use ThingLink. 19,628
73 Comparably Seed HR and Recruiting Comparably, a platform that provides culture & compensation data for public and private companies. 19,626
74 Her Seed Social and Collaboration Her is a dating application for lesbians, bisexual and bi-curious women, allowing users to connect with each other and their community. 19,287
75 ProSky B11 HR and Recruiting Innovatively evaluate candidates for hire and develop employees through succession pathways on one comprehensive platform. 19,043
76 WePay Seed Dev Tools WePay is an online payment service provider based in the United States that provides an integrated and customizable payment solution through its APIs to platform businesses such as crowdfunding sites, marketplaces and small business software companies. 18,982
77 Fitocracy B3 Healthcare Fitocracy is an online fitness community offering games and social networking tools that help members improve their fitness. 18,958
78 Bstow Fintech Bstow builds the most powerful and easily implemented tools for mobile fundraising. 18,503
79 All Trails Seed Travel Tech AllTrails is a community of 9 million hikers, campers and mountain bikers who share a passion about the outdoors. 18,440
80 Bombfell B4 eCommerce Bombfell is an online clothing retail store providing personalized clothes for men. 18,356
81 Avanoo B12 Education Avanoo provides training sessions that assists teams in shifting behavior and mindsets to enhance individual and organizational performance. 18,315
82 ViralGains B7 Marketing and Sales Tools ViralGains is a video ad journey platform that helps marketers create authentic connections with consumers and drive business outcomes. 17,224
83 Pic Collage B2 Content Cardinal Blue Software offers an app that allows users to create and share free-form collages made by images, text and stickers. 17,006
84 NewsWhip Seed AI and ML NewsWhip is the world's largest engagement database, giving customers an understanding of what's interesting their audience right now. 16,610
85 Grab Seed Services Grab is a ride-hailing platform that offers booking service for taxis, private cars, and motorbikes through one mobile. 16,603
86 Seed Marketing and Sales Tools AdStage is an advertising technology startup powering paid marketers to understand the business impact of their campaigns. 15,955
87 Carousell Seed eCommerce Carousell is a Singapore-based consumer-to-consumer marketplace application for iOS and Android. 15,939
88 Flowtown Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Flowtown is a social media marketing platform that helps businesses communicate with their customers. 15,826
89 Conta Azul B3 Enterprise ContaAzul is a Brazilian easy-to-use online platform for small businesses, helping organizing financial routines in one place 15,268
90 Springboard Seed Education Springboard offers flexible, online courses in cutting-edge career paths such as data science, design, analytics, marketing and security. 14,928
91 Karma Seed Hardware Karma Go gets you online anywhere you are, with data options for consistent and occasional use. 14,851
92 PopXO Seed Content POPxo is India's online community for women that deals everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, work, and etc. 14,708
93 Algolia Seed Dev Tools Algolia's hosted search API helps product builders create lightning-fast, highly relevant search to connect their users with what matters. 14,154
94 Hacker Earth Seed HR and Recruiting HackerEarth helps its clients hire great programmers, the smart way. 14,152
95 MightyText Seed Social and Collaboration MightyText is a messaging app that enables users to send and receive text and MMS messages via computers and android phones. 14,141
96 FullContact Seed Dev Tools Transform partial identities into complete profiles to connect with prospects, capture audience insights, and enhance customer experiences. 14,054
97 Tynker Seed Education Tynker is a creative computing platform where millions of kids have learned to program and built games, apps and more. 13,982
98 Plancast Seed Social and Collaboration The best way to discover events and activities with friends. 13,896
99 Bespoke Post Seed eCommerce Bespoke Post offers themed boxes full of gears for men, plus a full shop of uniquely cool standalone products. 13,606
100 Snips Seed Hardware Snips is a decentralized, private by design voice assistant and platform. 13,176