Top 100 500 Startups Companies by

Measure of how quickly a company is gaining traction at a given point in time. Inputs include a company's business metrics (such as employee count over time and publically announced funding) and the Mindshare Score (estimated web traffic, estimated mobile app downloads, inbound links from other websites, and followers/likes on various social media sites). These data points are weighted and the score provided is a rolling average over a 4-week period. Source: Mattermark.

Chart Growth Score for All Companies Chart Growth Score vs. Other Metrics
Rank Name Batch Category Description Growth Score
1 Grab Seed Services Grab is a ride-hailing platform that offers booking service for taxis, private cars, and motorbikes through one mobile. 52,523
2 Bukalapak Seed eCommerce Bukalapak is an e-commerce company that sells a diverse range of products. 2,613
3 Udemy Seed Education Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online. 2,591
4 CreditKarma Seed Fintech Credit Karma is a personal finance company that's focused on helping everyone make financial progress. 1,255
5 Twilio Seed Dev Tools Twilio is a cloud communication company that enables users to use standard web languages to build voice, VoIP, and SMS apps via a web API. 1,174
6 Reddoorz Seed Real Estate and Retail RedDoorz is a platform offering budget accommodations across key business and tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. 1,120
7 Fetchr Seed Enterprise Fetchr is an international express, mail delivery and logistics services company. 1,098
8 Intercom B3 Dev Tools Intercom Communications is a company that provides communication products for businesses. 984
9 Knotel Seed Real Estate and Retail Knotel transforms commercial real estate market with its Agile HQ™ Platform for businesses. 781
10 Hush Seed eCommerce Discover, share, and shop for beauty products on Hush. 721
11 Airsorted Seed Real Estate and Retail Airsorted is an Airbnb management company that increases yields and handles everything, including key exchanges, laundry, and more. 701
12 GitLab Seed Dev Tools GitLab is a web-based Git-repository manager providing wiki, issue-tracking and CI/CD pipeline features, using an open-source license, developed by GitLab Inc. 642
13 Viki Seed Content Brings global prime-time entertainment to new audiences and unlocks new markets and revenue opportunities for content owners. 625
14 LeadGenius Seed Marketing and Sales Tools LeadGenius is an end-to-end sales solution that provides companies with a way to generate, qualify, deliver, and convert leads. 608
15 Canva Seed Content Canva facilitates graphic design by providing a drag-and-drop design tool and a library of stock photographs, graphic elements, and fonts. 572
16 PlanGrid Seed Enterprise Simple, powerful construction software that GCs, subs, and owners love to use. 563
17 MyGengo Seed Travel Tech Gengo, is a global, people-powered translation platform enabling everyone to read and publish across languages with one click. 510
18 Algolia Seed Dev Tools Algolia's hosted search API helps product builders create lightning-fast, highly relevant search to connect their users with what matters. 491
19 Talkdesk B3 Dev Tools Talkdesk Enterprise Contact Center Platform empowers companies to make customer experience a competitive advantage. 486
20 InnovAccer B12 AI and ML Healthcare's Big Data Platform 452
21 East Meet East Seed Social and Collaboration East Meet East is an online dating platform connecting English speaking Asians. 451
22 Insider Marketing and Sales Tools Insider is a growth management platform for digital marketers. 449
23 Quipper Seed Education Quipper provides quiz-based e-learning apps for iPhone and Android platforms. 436
24 Taamkru Seed Education Taamkru is well-known for its eponymous website and smartphone app. 410
25 Grove Collaborative eCommerce Home and personal care products that make it easy to create a healthy, beautiful home. 405
26 Zenjob HR and Recruiting Zenjob is an automated, data-driven, full-service staffing platform. 405
27 Xwork Real Estate and Retail 403
28 Hacker Earth Seed HR and Recruiting HackerEarth helps its clients hire great programmers, the smart way. 401
29 Carousell Seed eCommerce Carousell is a Singapore-based consumer-to-consumer marketplace application for iOS and Android. 400
30 Goo Technologies Stockholm Dev Tools Goo Technologies offers the Goo engine, a web-based 3D engine that can be used for games and visualizations. 399
31 PayClip Seed Hardware Clip is an App that allows any merchant or person to accept all payment methods 399
32 Behance Seed Services Behance is an online platform that enables creative professionals to showcase and discover creative work via online portfolios. 399
33 FullContact Seed Dev Tools Transform partial identities into complete profiles to connect with prospects, capture audience insights, and enhance customer experiences. 395
34 Tynker Seed Education Tynker is a creative computing platform where millions of kids have learned to program and built games, apps and more. 389
35 Aircall Seed Dev Tools Aircall is an advanced call center software, complete business phone and contact center 100% natively integrated in any CRM. 387
36 Chain Seed Dev Tools Chain builds cryptographic ledger systems that make financial services smarter, more secure, and more connected 373
37 Eaze Solutions Seed Services 371
38 FoodA Seed Services Fooda is a food technology platform that connects restaurants to people while at work. 348
39 Glints Seed HR and Recruiting Glints. We build career readiness for youths through internships and skill certifications, and help employers hire more efficiently. 315
40 Leflair Seed eCommerce Vietnam's premier brand shopping destination 306
41 ManyChat B16 Social and Collaboration ManyChat helps businesses do marketing, sales and support through Facebook Messenger. 305
42 Fave Seed Healthcare KFit provides access into the best fitness studios. 301
43 TaskRabbit Seed Services TaskRabbit is a platform that matches up users with help on furniture assembly, moving, and other handyman services. 298
44 WiseCommerce Seed Enterprise Wiser is the leading provider of actionable online and in-store data for better decisions. 293
45 ChinaNetCloud Seed Enterprise ChinaNetCloud is china’s leading internet managed service provider. 293
46 AppZen B11 AI and ML AppZen offers an artificial Intelligence powered SaaS solution for automating enterprise back office processes. 287
47 Conta Azul B3 Enterprise ContaAzul is a Brazilian easy-to-use online platform for small businesses, helping organizing financial routines in one place 280
48 Dr. Chrono Seed Healthcare DrChrono offers a healthcare EHR, practice management, API focused on iPads, iPhones, and a web platform. 279
49 CodeMentor Seed Services Codementor is an online marketplace connecting developers with experts for on-demand 1:1 help via screen sharing, video, and text chat. 278
50 VivaReal Seed Real Estate and Retail VivaReal is an online real estate marketplace that connects buyers, sellers, and renters with properties in Brazil. 275
51 SendGrid Seed Enterprise SendGrid is a proven, cloud-based customer communication platform that drives engagement and business growth. 264
52 VTS Seed Real Estate and Retail VTS empowers landlords and brokers to better attract, convert and retain their most valuable asset – tenants. 259
53 Iterable Seed Marketing and Sales Tools Iterable is a growth marketing and user engagement platform. 256
54 Flywire Seed Fintech 252
55 Simple Seed Fintech Simple is a web and mobile application that unifies various accounts into one accessible bank card.. 251
56 Womply Seed AI and ML Womply helps small businesses thrive in a digital world. 251
57 Lucid Chart Seed Enterprise Lucid Software is focused on building graphical web applications that push the boundaries of what's possible in the browser. 249
58 BarkBox Seed eCommerce Barkbox is a subscription-based e-commerce and content company for dog lovers. 249
59 InstaPaisa Seed AI and ML InstaPaisa is an online consumer lending platform. 232
60 Mayvenn B6 Services Mayvenn enables Stylists to sell products directly to their clients without the upfront costs and burdens of holding inventory. 232
61 Travel Tech Online Travel Packages aggregators 228
62 DailyMuse Seed HR and Recruiting The Muse is the most trusted destination for your career, helping over 50 million people every year find jobs & succeed in their careers. 226
63 Wuzzuf B8 HR and Recruiting Wuzzuf is an online marketplace that connects jobseekers with employers in Egypt. 221
64 Paidy Seed Fintech Paidy allows consumers buy online quickly and safely and does not require a credit card or pre-registration. 217
65 HomeLight Seed Real Estate and Retail HomeLight is the world's leading marketplace for finding real estate professionals. We help sell homes faster and for more money. 215
66 Albert B16 Fintech 213
67 LaunchDarkly Seed Dev Tools LaunchDarkly is a Feature Management Platform that serves over 30 billion feature flags daily to help teams build better software, faster. 208
68 Alodokter Seed Healthcare is a leading health portal in Indonesia providing high quality content and interaction with qualified Indonesian doctors 203
69 FabFitFun Seed eCommerce FabFitFun inspires happiness through discovery. 200
70 Volta Industries Seed Hardware Volta designs, installs and maintains a network of free electric vehicle charging stations funded by sponsor brands. 198
71 CircleCI Seed Dev Tools CircleCI provides software teams the confidence to build, test, and deploy across numerous platforms. 196
72 Trocafone Seed eCommerce Trocafone is an online marketplace to buy and sell used electronics, particularly smartphones. 196
73 Zapr Seed AI and ML ZAPR is a fast growing media-tech startup and is India's largest media consumption repository and audience targeting platform. 192
74 Edfa3ly Seed eCommerce Edfa3ly is an e-commerce retailer that enables shoppers from the Middle East and Africa to order anything they please from U.S. 186
75 Vungle Seed Dev Tools Vungle is the way developers put video ads in their apps. 184
76 Fabelio Seed eCommerce Fabelio is an Indonesian online furniture store. 184
77 PopXO Seed Content POPxo is India's online community for women that deals everything from fashion, beauty, lifestyle, work, and etc. 180
78 Kudo Seed Fintech Kudo is an Indonesian startup technology company. 174
79 AlphaFlow Seed Fintech AlphaFlow is a California registered investment adviser. 171
80 Brilliant Seed Education Brilliant is a high-quality free online mathematics and science problem solving website for high aptitude students around the world. 169
81 Botanalytics AI and ML Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool for bots, helping bot makers to improve human-to-bot communication. 167
82 GoSpotCheck Seed Enterprise GoSpotCheck develops web and mobile apps that help employees gather real-time retail intelligence information from the field. 166
83 Proven Seed HR and Recruiting Proven is a leading hiring tool for small businesses. 165
84 Estately Seed Real Estate and Retail Estately is a real estate search site where users can search for information on houses for sale on a map and view detailed descriptions. 162
85 Instamojo B5 Fintech India's largest on-demand payments platform for SMEs 159
86 Chaldal Seed eCommerce is an online platform for grocery and delivery based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 155
87 Linguatrip B13 Education LinguaTrip Book language courses and student accommodation worldwide. 154
88 WePay Seed Dev Tools WePay is an online payment service provider based in the United States that provides an integrated and customizable payment solution through its APIs to platform businesses such as crowdfunding sites, marketplaces and small business software companies. 153
89 Descomplica Seed Education Descomplica offers an educational platform that provides students with subject and course materials. 151
90 DocDoc Seed Healthcare DocDoc is Asia’s leading patient empowerment company. 149
91 Seed Real Estate and Retail is a map-based property search engine that provides renters, buyers, and agents fast and efficient property search experience. 145
92 Visor Seed Enterprise VISOR’s is marketplace for Financial Institutions, Corporations and Cloud Service Providers to access and transact with analyzed SMEs 144
93 PlateJoy B7 Services Discover your healthiest self - Personalized nutrition programs designed for your unique health goals 141
94 Konfio BX Fintech Konfio is an online lending platform for small business loans 140
95 ContenTools B12 Marketing and Sales Tools Contentools is a all-in-one Content Marketing Platform for growing businesses. 138
96 Eko Seed Social and Collaboration Eko builds tools to unlock the potential of mobile messaging in the workplace which boost enterprise productivity and security. 136
97 Caredox Seed Education CareDox delivers free health technology for K-12 public schools. We help school nurses deliver care and keep students safe. 132
98 Contently Seed Social and Collaboration Contently helps companies build loyal audiences by managing the workflow of premium content at scale. 130
99 Mentimeter B16 Social and Collaboration An interactive presentation software. Mentimeter make presentations, events and classrooms interactive and fun 128
100 YayPay Enterprise YayPay develops accounts receivable software that automates payment workflows. 126