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Name Batch Category Description Status
BurstIQ B17 Healthcare Cybersecurity for the digital health revolution, making data access simple and secure .
Efflux Systems B17 AI and ML Efflux is the first scalable cybersecurity hunting platform to simplify and automate traditionally manual analytics. . Exited
Jewelbots B17 Hardware Smart jewelry for a smarter generation .
MORI B17 eCommerce MORI (babymori.com) is an innovative and sustainable babywear brand. D2C .
Oddup B17 AI and ML Empowering smart investment decisions with rating scores, valuations, analyst commentary and more on startups. .
Parkbench B17 Content Parkbench is an all-in-one marketing platform for realtors who want to build their brand & get more clients in a specific geographic area .
Wivity B17 Hardware Secure your IoT device with one line of code .